ARC/CC’s Review ~ Lover by Marni Mann and Gia Riley

Title: Lover
Author: Marni Mann and Gia Riley
Genre: Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Stars!




Feeling lonely and as though her marriage is failing, Piper is desperate to connect with her husband and reignite the spark they once had. After trying to reach out to Cannon without success, Piper starts to research nontraditional methods to save her marriage. Upon agreeing to experiment with swinging, Piper hopes such exploration will bring them closer together.


“There’s only so much distance two people can put between themselves before they’re each going in opposite directions permanently.”

West Holden and his wife seem like the perfectly passionate couple on the outside – good looks, gregarious and athletic – and bringing strangers into their bedroom has been somewhat of a regular pastime for them. With West recently going through a career change, he is in transition on many levels. In entering into this new swinging relationship, he hopes to please his wife but also have some sexy harmless fun.


“I’m the one with the cock. I’m the one who has what she wants when she’s home. And I’m about to give that to someone other than her.”

As Piper and West have an instant connection, she begins to realize how much she’s been holding back sexually. With West, anything goes and his self-assured ways prove to be combustible when Piper gives in to the pleasure he offers. But with these two, there is more than just lust and it leads to Piper reconsidering all that she’s known, but for West, it confirms what has always known.


“I grab the back of her head and pull until her lips are on mine. “Say it again. This time, in my mouth. I want to know what those words taste like.”

While Piper’s hopes of rekindling her marriage begin to fall apart, she must accept her role and choices leading up to that moment. As it becomes obvious to all that the rules of swingdom have been broken, Piper, Cannon, West and Tilly are pushed in certain unexpected directions and emotions are tested leading to turbulent moments but also to overdue realizations.


“But I’ll say that, eventually, you’ll stop blaming yourself and stop questioning what you could have done differently. Swinging isn’t what caused this, and we both know that.”

In starting Lover, the topic of swinging had me very curious and I was anxious to see how such a lifestyle choice would be portrayed. In this case, it was sexy and non-judgmental with the couples choosing to participate for different reasons. Ultimately, the choosing to swing has the biggest impact for Piper on several levels but it also gave Cannon the opportunity he’s been seeking for so long.

As the plot progressed, my alliance to certain characters shifted a bit and the twists stirred different feelings. With emotions at a high, it became apparent that Piper and West were committed to moving forward despite the repercussions of their choices.

Having previously read the collaborative efforts of Marni Mann and Gia Riley, they didn’t disappoint in Lover with each having their own voice but also seamlessly unifying the essence of their characters and offering a sexually stimulating yet substantive plot.

Lover would appeal to those who are willing to experiment outside the vanilla world of what appears to be normal sexual behavior. Expect some hot erotic times but also be prepared for some turbulence caused by twisty secrets. I highly recommend!

*An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.*

Release Date: June 8th




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