CC’s Review ~ Hundreds (Dollar #3) by Pepper Winters


Title: Hundreds (Dollar #3)
Author: Pepper Winters
Genre: Dark Romance
Rating: 4.5 Stars!



Continuing in an uninterrupted timeline in Hundreds, the relationship between Elder Prest and Pimlico remains uniquely complicated in unexpected ways. For Pim, she is persistent in her determination to heal and finds strength in Elder’s ability to offer sanctuary by staying true to his word. With each small step of freedom and increased resilience, Pim isn’t afraid to acknowledge her feelings for Elder even while he is fighting his own self-imposed limitations.

“Thank you for waking me up and smashing me open. Because by doing so, you broke every piece I had left and revealed something so much stronger within.”

From the beginning, Elder felt compelled to Pim and his obsession has only compounded due to their circumstances and his own condition. Wanting to know every single detail about Pim in exchange for her freedom, Elder tries to restrain his heated desire but he cannot stay away.

“Once I had you – fully had you where you wanted me as much as I wanted you – I’d never be able to stop. I’d fuck you every hour of every day. I’d forget to eat, sleep, breathe.”

In Elder’s efforts to find out who Pim really is, he doesn’t anticipate how much is actually going to be revealed as they come face to face with his demons. Learning more about Elder’s past and how he copes, solidifies the reason for his intensity and his choice to lead a solitary life on the Phantom.

“You’re everything and more. You’re more than I can bear. You have the power to hurt me worse than I can stand. Don’t you see that?”

What transpires in Hundreds is intense, sexually charged and adds tremendous depth to Elder and Pim, as Elder shows an incredibly dominant side with vulnerability and compassion. To give Pim what she craved was extremely hot and to experience that side of Elder led to a haze of lustful bliss. Additionally, Pim continued to prove her strength knowing she is just beginning to heal and that she may need to find her own answers.

For me, this is my favorite book of the series to date with lyrical prose and character dimension that drives the plot. With such a turning point midway in the series, I look forward to reading how Elder and Pim will overcome and continue to progress.

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