Liz’s Review~Lover~by Marni Mann and Gia Riley


“This is swinging.”


Lover is a steamy contemporary romance written by Marni Mann and Gia Riley. This is their second collaborative work, and once again they have delivered a creative masterpiece with complex character relationships, passion, and enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire read.


“There’s only so much distance two people can put between themselves before they’re each going in opposite directions, permanently.”

Piper Callahan is desperate to rekindle the spark in her marriage. Her husband Cannon is detached and more focused on work than his beautiful wife. Even after a romantic get away, Piper can’t seem to foster any affection or passion from him. Cannon and Piper have become best friends and roommates instead of lovers, and it appears as if it is the beginning of the end of their relationship. While researching ways to “fix her marriage,” Piper discovers a swingers website. When Cannon becomes aware of his wife’s research, he agrees to meet with another couple to appease Piper’s desire to help fix what is broken.


“You picked a punctual couple.”
“That’s because she wants your cock.”

West Holden is a professional hockey player who has recently been benched permanently. Suffering from an injury, he and his wife Tilly leave Boston and go to Florida. West and Tilly share a unique arrangement. Their relationship has always been based on lust as opposed to love, and when Tilly makes an arrangement to meet with a couple on a swingers website, West is all in. But when these two couples enter this swinging arrangement, everything quickly unravels. Piper and Wes instantly form a connection that transcends physical affection. Beyond the explosive sex, the two have now shared, they begin talking, texting, and meeting “outside” the bounds of their swinging relationship. As Piper and West struggle with guilt and try to understand the relationship that is enveloping them, Tilly and Cannon reveal their own secrets and betrayals.


“There’s a difference between fucking your best friend and someone who actually worships your body.”

Told in dual POV, Lover is a beautiful love story that stems from an unconventional situation. Each character is unique and complex, and they all have their own individual needs and desires to discover and fulfill. The dynamics between these characters are intense, and things aren’t ever exactly as they seem. The pacing of the read is fluid, and the stakes are high for these couples to freely explore the bounds of swinging and keep their emotions in check. As Piper and West fall in love, the transformation is full of passion and tenderness as they discover just how perfectly matched they are for each other. Full of romance, intrigue, and some taboo, Lover has a fantastic plot, smoking hot sex, and unforgettable characters!

Overall, I was beyond nervous to dive into a romance about swingers knowing that someone was bound to get hurt. Truth be told, love triangles and angst make me break out in hives and yet, the way in which these authors craftily weaved the plot and created something so beautiful out of something so unorthodox left me in complete awe. Days later and I am still thinking about this read, and I have already gone back to re-read some of my favorite scenes. Ms. Mann and Ms. Riley have created something truly magical, and every contemporary romance fan should discover WEST HOLDEN in all his glory RIGHT NOW!

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!



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