ARC/LOYDA’S REVIEW~Sugar & Gold by Emma Scott




Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Type: Standalone Book 2 of Dreamcatcher series
POV: First Person – Dual

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“The bright halo of glimmering dust that surrounded her. Kindness, compassion, charity. Those were the feelings I associated with pink.”

Fiona Starling was running away from her past.  Her last relationship left her mentally traumatized and she had trouble trusting people.  After two years of trying to put her life together and saving for a goal she meets Nik.  One night she decides to act wild and free and it changed the life goals she had set up for herself.  She found herself conflicted on what she wanted and what she thought was what she had to do. 

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Nikolai (Nik) Alexei Young was born with a gift.  A gift that became a curse to him because by having the “Ken” like he called it an ability to feel or sense other emotions he lost his loved ones.  All his life he just wanted to fit in instead he was treated like a curse and so he lived his life on the road constantly moving so he didn’t have to feel so much.  He inked his body with tattoos to numb the noises of everyone’s thoughts.

“I needed to get back to zero. To dig under the noise and feel something that was truly mine.  Even if that something was pain.”


When Nik and Fiona met he instantly felt a peace he desperately was looking for his entire life.  That one night changed Nik as well because he now felt like he had something to live for. However he still struggle an internal battle; he had a fear to lose Fiona as quickly as he found her if she knew what he was.   

“The thrumming life around me grew quiet. For the first time, I felt close to peace, and I wanted more.”

T1.jpg teaser 1.jpg

I really enjoyed this story; the beginning was super-hot and sexy in fact I think this book is the sexiest book written by this author that I have read so far.  I found myself grinning and enjoying these two characters right away.  However; I felt it was a bit slow after like twenty percent but I was so excited when it picked up.  Fiona did made me angry few times but I am glad she redeemed herself in my eyes haha. I liked how characters from the first book made a big impact on the story. Overall; I fell in love with Nik and his abilities; he seemed so broken that all I wanted to do is helped him.  Fiona was so broken too and Nik was able to help her; he was just the best taking her to places he wouldn’t go unless it was for her benefit just sacrificing himself to make her happy.  Both Fiona and Nik were perfect for each other though and each were able to heal each other broken parts.  Readers looking for a second chance romance will find themselves in love with this story.

Book Order:
How to Save a Life (Dreamcatcher, #1) by Emma ScottSugar & Gold (Dreamcatcher, #2) by Emma Scott

★★This was a F(BR) with War★★



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