ARC/LOYDA’S REVIEW~Eight by E.S. Carter




Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone Book 6 from Love by Numbers series
POV: First Person – Dual

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“Once you love someone, you will always love them. There is no on or off button.”

Josh Fox-Williams found his soul mate at a very young age.  He grew up happy and with a beautiful family.  The death of his wife, best friend, soul mate almost destroyed him.  For almost all his life he had someone to share his hopes and dreams and two beautiful kids.  However; he just didn’t know how to deal on his own.  His parents and brothers were amazing to him.  They understood him and were there no matter what in the time of his loss.  Josh thought he would never be whole again.

“I’m not the Josh from before, and I won’t ever be him again because I was one-half of a whole. Now I’m one-half of nothing.”

Halle Richards grew up with no family.  Her mother had given her up when she was a baby and Halle didn’t know how to be strong; she always felt like not worth it.  Halle fell in love young; or at least she thought it was love.  Instead she found herself lost and broken. After a horrible situation she found a new place and a new start.  She was bound to never let anyone walk over her again. 

Josh meets Halle and he finds himself attracted to her.  He was confused and upset about the feelings he was having. The loss and memory of his wife would not let him move on to see what else was there.  He was a total jerk to Halle; I seriously wanted to slaps him more times to count haha. However; I understood him and what he was going through.  Halle let him push her around and that also made me mad at her for not stepping up for her.  


I really enjoyed seeing Isaac again I think he is a character I will never forget.  The children were adorable specially the little girl.  I laughed so much at the silly things she would say; she was a total awesome character.  Overall; this books was short and sexy.  I feel it was needed; Josh deserved his second chance at love.  Halle deserved a life where she could feel that she fit in.  Her career dream came true and I think readers looking for a second change story will find this book appealing. I really encourage to read the books in order; you don’t want to miss to know all the brothers.

“Love comes at the ultimate cost. It’s not free. It’s the most expensive of all emotions because you pay its price with your heart and there are no refunds or returns.”

Books in the series:
Nineteen (Love by Numbers, #1) by E.S. Carter Twenty One (Love by Numbers, #2) by E.S. Carter Three (Love by Numbers, #3) by E.S. Carter Thirteen (Love by Numbers, #4) by E.S. Carter One (Love by Numbers, #5) by E.S. Carter Eight (Love by Numbers, #6) by E.S. Carter

. . . This was a (F)BR With War. . . 



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