Liz’s Review~ DEKLAN~by Shay Savage


“You’re mine now. My wife-now and forever.”


Deklan is a stand-alone action-packed contemporary romance that will take you on one explosive ride! With an arranged marriage, kidnapping, passion, and action, this mafia romance is one that you will not forget!


“He wasn’t any more prepared for this marriage than I was, and it puts us on similar ground.”

Kera O’Conner was betrothed to the Mafia Prince Sean Foley at the young age of 15. When she was kidnapped her father’s only hope at bringing her home safe was to make a deal with the devil. By securing this arrangement, Kera’s parents would be able to clear their debt to the Foley Family. But years later, when the wedding day finally arrives, Kera is shocked to find that Sean doesn’t want to honor their arrangement but instead hands her off to marry his bodyguard Deklan.


“That feeling…coming inside of my wife. Sweet’s never felt like that before.”

Deklan is a built like a beast, and Kera is fearful that Sean has decided to get rid of her permanently. Due to her upbringing in the crime world, Kera is well aware of the importance of following through with whatever her family wants. The wedding takes place, and Kera and Deklan form a connection that grows and becomes unbreakable. As Kera and Deklan adjust to married life, the challenges are vast. Kera longs for independence, and Deklan is fiercely protective of his new bride. The passion between the two is scorching hot, and it becomes clear that the two were destined for each other. As tensions with Sean and the crime world continue to evolve, Deklan and Kera cling to each other and try to find their way together.


“He’s and enigma. He’s gentle and protective of me but arrogant and brutal with others.”

Told in Kera’s POV, Deklan is a delicious read with a unique plot and dynamic characters. The relationship between Deklan and Kera was quite rare as they were forced together and then fell in love. Deklan is a strong alpha male, and as a trained killer his ability to show tenderness and love to his young bride only made him that much more of an enigma. Both Kera and Deklan experienced a trying past, and the healing they experienced together was quite remarkable. There were some surprising elements to the plot that will certainly keep readers on the edge of their seat the entire read.


Overall, I highly recommend Deklan to mafia romance fans. Shay Savage is an outstanding storyteller. With the smoking hot passion, action, and unique plot, Deklan is certainly a delicious treat!

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!




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