CC’s Review ~ Father by Clarissa Wild

Title:  Father

Author: Clarissa Wild

Genre: Dark Romance

Rating: 3.5 Stars!






Frank Romero is a preacher with a checkered past. Upon being given a second chance, he found solace and direction at church until his family was taken from him. Torn apart from the loss, Frank drinks away his problems and loses focus on all he holds dear. That is, until he sees one parishioner who tempts Frank with feelings he hasn’t felt in over six years.


“I’m stuck in my own torment. The only solace I’ve found lately is in the alcohol. And that girl who I saw.”

Laura is a compassionate and single woman raising her two younger brothers. Upon attending church, she is attracted to the preacher and she makes her intentions known from the start. While Laura seems like an angel on the outside, her past isn’t free from sin.


“Well, you can never be safe enough. Especially when you intend to fuck a guy like me because I fuck often and I like pussy a lot.”

The connection between Frank and Laura is sexually charged from the outset. With Frank’s propensity for kinkery and invisible boundaries on any level, he definitely enters the taboo arena with some memorably steamy moments. To his initial surprise, Laura matches his desire and that further fuels his need to possess her in every way.


“Hope you’ve said your prayers because after I fuck your brains out, you won’t be able to come to church and thank God for your perfect fuck for an entire week.”

For Frank, life hasn’t always been easy but he’s learned to roll with fate and accept the consequences of his behavior; however, he is surprised to discover just how significant a role Laura plays in his present. As the plot unfolds forcing Frank to confront his past, he must make a decision about exacting revenge or protecting those close to him. Simultaneously, Laura tries to process how their lives commingle and how they can move forward.


“The choice between good and evil is currently dividing me into pieces. I don’t want to lose her …”

Told solely from Frank’s POV, the plot and tone moves at a certain pace that allows for different emotions in sync with Frank’s life. In the beginning, it felt that Frank was a lost cause but with a few comeuppance moments, he seemed to evolve in his own unique way. I especially liked how Frank was unabashedly honest and wasn’t a hypocrite about his past.

With some plot shifts steeped in action and revenge, most questions were resolved but there were two big issues that were conveniently not addressed for my liking. While some of the action and plot felt a bit predictable, I was hoping for a certain additional conflict to occur between Frank and Laura.
There were times when the story felt like it was just grazing the surface but it still left me rooting for Frank and what he desperately seeks. In regard to the taboo element, it felt a bit diluted for me due to the nature of Frank’s position but the author did push some boundaries that definitely appealed to the kinkster in me.
Father is a story that offers a second chance at love and would appeal to those that seek some action in their romance, appreciate unconventional characters and have a dark sense of humor.





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