CC’s Review ~ Pet by Isabella Starling

Title:  Pet (A Dark Menage Romance)

Author: Isabella Starling

Genre: Dark Menage Romance

Rating: 4.5 Stars!




Sapphire Faye is newly eighteen and struggling to keep her life in check. Upon agreeing to take her roommate’s catering shift, she meets the older and domineering Hayden King, who cancels all the background noise in her mind. A bit reckless in her behavior, Sapphire craves what he can provide. While King’s intentions were simple, his actions were quite the opposite. With his demanding nature, King trains Sapphire to be his Pet and she responds in every way.


“You’re gonna make yourself come,” he told me. “And then I’ll decide if you deserve my cock.”

The dynamic that ensues between King and Pet is tumultuous, compassionate, erotic and perplexing. Though King and Pet aren’t naïve about their age differences, it actually becomes a non-issue as their circumstances are at the forefront. Extremely protective of Pet, King will do anything in his power to maintain her happiness and safety. While King might seem overbearing, he has his reasons for his methods.


“You’re not going to break me, Pet,” he promised me. “I don’t fuck for hours, I fuck for nights. And you, I’m going to fuck for a lifetime.”

The dynamic between King and Pet is sexually potent with minimal boundaries, as their predilections are erotic and scorching hot. With King, he is intense in his expectations and Pet is the perfect submissive, especially when she is bratty. It might be best to follow King’s rule about no panties when reading this one!


“You…” He kneeled down next to me, one hand pulling my head back so far I gagged, and the other spooning his cum into my mouth. “You’re fucking unbelievable…”

All seems to be going accordingly until Stranger enters their lives. Opposite of King, Stranger is younger and doesn’t necessarily to conform to society’s norms and he has his own dominant personality. At first, Stranger’s role in the bedroom isn’t clear but King knows what Pet needs.


“I was up behind her, and I couldn’t keep away any longer. Not with his dirty hands all over my girl and her cheeks splitting open every time she slammed down on his cock. I needed to be inside her. I needed to show Pet who she belonged to.”

In the beginning of this story, my feelings toward Pet were not positive yet as the footings of the plot began to solidify, more about her is unraveled and I began to empathize and like her. With King, he immediately intrigued me and that quest only intensified, as I wanted to know more about him at every moment. Stranger was equally perplexing as he added angst to the plot. Though I surmised the direction, it didn’t detract from the emotional landscape or the overall satisfaction.

This is my first book by Isabella Starling and what I learned is that she isn’t afraid to take her characters on their own path, which allows for dimension and deep emotions. While there are plenty of erotically charged moments (fans self), be prepared to also feel an array of reactions as the narrative takes a few twists. I highly recommend Pet!





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