CC’s Review ~ Wicked Things (Chaos & Ruin #3) by Callie Hart

Title:  Wicked Things (Chaos & Ruin #3)

Author: Callie Hart

Genre: Dark Romance

Rating: 4 Stars!





Without interruption in the Chaos & Ruin series timeline, Zeth Mayfair is ready to protect what is his against the Barbieri family and others who seek power, but the dynamic of how to stake his claim has changed due to a recent development. Coming to terms with this new phase in his life only intensifies Zeth’s actions which makes his anger and need for retribution palpable. Zeth has always been forceful character, but he even manages to exceed his own boundaries of self-control.

“I’ve courted the darker side of my own soul for years now, gone toe to toe with it, played a dangerous game of control with it as and when I’ve need to, giving it more of myself than I should in times of anger. I have never, never, not once succumbed to it entirely. Until now.”

In addition to Zeth and Sloane’s storyline line, Mason Reeves faces the hardest time in his life due to the death of his sister. With feelings of guilt, extreme sorrow and hopelessness, Mason is shattered and tries to take his punishment by drinking and fighting.

“My feelings make no sense whatsoever. None. And yet, I feel fucking robbed. I didn’t get to say goodbye to my sister.”

In this book, the plot pace moves and pivots quickly with characters reappearing from previous series all vying for what they believe is rightfully theirs to claim. With these twists, Zeth can’t act alone and the ever-charming Michael is also prepared for a blood bath to ensue. As certain volatile and unlikely alliances are forged, Zeth is unstoppable in his quest to avenge one particular character who was severely overdue for a beat down.

“So here I am. The man you’ve been chasing down all this time, live and in motherfucking Technicolor. Now you’re gonna deal with the consequences.”

Admittedly, there were times when the motives of these reappearing characters felt a tad awkward, especially given the extreme and grotesque actions of one malignant character. While it pushed Zeth to a certain place, there was never any doubt as to his darkness yet seeing him explode was satisfying but also deeply heartbreaking.


In addition to the weighty atmosphere of loss and anger, the contrasting and ever present emotion was redemption. While I’m still a bit uneasy with the new plot point between Zeth and Sloane, it does highlight Zeth’s strengths and capacity to love which led to some hot times “Mayfair style” and truly tender moments.

Told from multiple POVs and with some past/present timeline shifts, Wicked Things offers adrenaline spiked action with a twisty plot and amplified character intensity. Of course, more of Zeth always a good thing!!

Chaos & Ruin series:
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