Liz’s Review~His Rules~by Scott Hildreth


“A relationship without sex was like Christmas without presents, a Bloody Mary without a celery stick, or a car without tires.”


His Rules is a stand-alone contemporary romance with determined characters who find steadfast love with each other. With action, suspense, and a beautifully crafted plot, Scott Hildreth offers another unforgettable story full of heart.


Taryn has been searching for something. After suffering a significant loss, for years she has had a void in her life. Trying to fill that void with alcohol, parties, and the general exploration of life, Taryn still, finds herself empty and alone. Until she meets a unique individual, who will change her life forever.

“Everything in life is easy. Some things simply take longer to complete than others.”

Marc is a detective and a former Navy Seal. Content with his beautiful beach home on the California coast, he has a solid routine in place and a rigid structure that he follows. Although Marc is happy, he recognizes that he is alone. When he meets Taryn, he is thrilled to find the possibility of a life long companion. Although the two share an immediate physical spark, Marc is quite particular about “his rules.” As Taryn and Marc grow closer together, the bond between the two becomes impenetrable. Taryn experiences growth and finds completion in her life due to Marc’s presence. Marc, still uncompromising on his set schedule and “rules,” discovers that Taryn adds color to his black and white existence. Meanwhile, the crime in Southern California is becoming more intense, and Marc seeks an alliance with a local MC. As Marc wages war on a local lethal gang, the weight of his job becomes lighter having Taryn in his life.

“Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”


“What did you just do to me? It wasn’t my first kiss. But it was the first kiss I’ll never forget.”

Told in dual POV, His Rules is a perfect blend of romance, friendship, action, and intrigue. With Marc’s rules in place, the central conflict between the two main characters increases the sexual tension and accentuates the need for them to devote a significant amount of time developing their friendship and relationship. The supporting characters enhance the plot with their contribution to Taryn and Marc’s lives. I especially enjoyed the addition of Marc’s relationship with the young and spunky Charlee. Once again, Hildreth manages to seamlessly blend a smoking hot romance, with passion and tenderness, while impressing the importance of family and the undeniable presence of loyalty and friendship. The pacing of the writing is fast and truly unique due to the desire for Marc and Taryn to finally make that physical connection. When that moment happens, I was afraid my Kindle was going to catch on fire. Marc’s character is exceptionally rare with his OCD tendencies, and yet, Taryn and Marc together are perfectly matched. Hildreth’s MC loving fans will be pleased to see some of their favorite characters play an essential role in the plot of this read.


Set in a picturesque Southern California backdrop, His Rules is an absolute must read for contemporary romance fans who like a slow burn romance with a lot of passion and heart. I will never tire of reading Hildreth’s books because I know I will experience the beautiful and ugly pieces of life and find strength and inspiration through the characters he has created.



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