Liz’s Review~Sweet Spot ~by Stella Rhys


“She was like a drug. She soothed and calmed me down and had me thinking crazy thoughts at the same time.”


Sweet Spot is a stand-alone contemporary blend of smoking hot passion and sweet (and tender) romance. When Lia Pope meets her new smoking hot neighbor Lukas Hendricks, she simply cannot resist having a taste! (And then some!)

“Look at how fucking sexy you are. Look how you fucking spoil me with those beautiful tits.”

Lia Pope has spent a good portion of her life taking care of others. After finally removing herself from a toxic relationship, she has one goal, and that is to find success with her booming chocolate business. Settled in her new apartment, Lia has given up on men and given 100 percent to her business. However, when Lukas Hendricks appears across the hall, everything changes.


“Lukas crashed into my life. It was so quiet it hurt my ears, and it was so still I could feel a panic starting to rise in my chest.”

Lukas is a successful businessman who doesn’t have any problems meeting woman. Happy to party and enjoy life, he is shocked silly by his cute new neighbor Lia. Convincing Lia to give him a chance, however, is more than he ever bargained for. As Lukas and Lia get to know one another, the attraction is intense and swift. Soon after the physical connection forges, both Lukas and Lia are pleasantly surprised by the friendship that begins to form. But when the demons from their past and the stressors of life start to close in, will these two find sweetness together forever?


“I swear to God, you’re the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen.”

Told in dual POV, Sweet Spot is a light and sexy read with complex characters and a creatively crafted plot. The connection between Lukas and Lia is intense and explored thoroughly as the plot unfolds. I especially enjoyed the growth each character makes along the way. The conflict that exists from all of the external forces offers just enough drama to keep things interesting between the two and blended with the smoking hot steam these two create; I could not tear my eyes away!

Overall, I highly recommend Sweet Spot to my reading friends who love a sexy read with strong characters. This is my second read by Stella Rhys, and I certainly look forward to reading more!

*A copy was graciously gifted via the author in exchange for an honest review!*



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