Liz’s Review~The Royal Treatment~ by M.J. Summers


“You’re not going to make it very easy to walk away, are you?”


The Royal Treatment is a laugh out loud contemporary romance full of delightful characters, a unique plot, romance, and humor! This modern day fairy tale romance is a perfect blend of the Princess Diaries meets Bridget Jones with an extra special twist. As the first book in A Crown Jewels Romance, The Royal Treatment is an absolute delight!


“I believe my carriage has just turned back into a pumpkin, hasn’t it?”

Tessa Sharpe is a spunky young woman who has found minimal notoriety as a blogger. She blogs about many different things but has become known as “The Royal Watchdog.” She has found success by writing about her disdain for Prince Arthur and the Royal Monarchy. When Prince Arthur and the monarchy’s future is put in jeopardy, Arthur decides to make a brave PR move. He decides to bring Ms. Sharpe to live at the palace and experience the monarchy first hand in hopes to sway her opinion of the family and therefore becoming a positive voice to the people of Avonia.


“From what I’ve heard, you’d do well to invite him back to your room.”

Tessa is quite leery of Arthur and when she arrives to the palace she is quite surprised to discover what a good person the crowned Prince is. Tessa begins to doubt her stand and her position of “The Royal Watchdog” becomes secondary to a blooming romance between herself and Prince Arthur. But can a commoner and a Prince actually find a happy ever after together?


“I don’t know which brand it is, but it should be called ‘Spontaneous Orgasm’.

Told in dual POV, The Royal Treatment is a fresh and funny romance full of witty text and well-developed characters. Both Tessa and Arthur come from completely different worlds, and yet, together they make a perfect match. One of my favorite moments in the book was when Tessa brought Arthur home to meet her family. I loved the banter between the characters and Tessa’s family was hilarious. Another stand-out character is Arthur’s grandmother. Her views on the ways of the world are laugh out loud funny. Tessa is such a clumsy person and paired with the eloquent crowned Prince created an overabundance of funny moments full of tenderness and love. The steam factor in this read is low and yet; there were plenty of moments that left me swooning and wanting more! I have always been a fan of M.J. Summers and to discover her comedic side was nothing short of enchanting!


Overall, I cannot recommend this read enough! The Royal Treatment is one romantic comedy you do not want to miss. I am completely hooked on these characters and the kingdom of Avonia, and I cannot wait to read more!

***A Crown Jewels Romance Series***
The Royal Treatment (A Crown Jewels Romance, #1) by M.J. SummersThe Royal Wedding A Crown Jewels Romance, Book 2 by MJ SummersThe Royal Treatment A Crown Jewels Romance, Book 1 by MJ Summers

* A copy was graciously gifted via the author in exchange for an honest review!



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