LOYDA’S REVIEW~BULLY by Penelope Douglas




Genre: YAContemporary Romance 
Type: Standalone Book 1 of Fall Away Series
POV: First Person – Female

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“You were my tempest, my thunder cloud, my tree in the downpour. I loved all those things, and I loved you. But now? You’re a fucking drought. I thought that all the assholes drove German cars, but it turns out that pricks in Mustangs can still leave scars.”

teaser 2 6-28-17

Tatum “Tate” Brandt has been bullied by one person in particular her entire high school years.  She was easily intimidated by him aka Jared.  Jared was once her best friend until he wasn’t; and she couldn’t understand why in the world he would be so mean to her.

“Thanks to Jared, my high school experience had been one long succession of rumors, pranks, tears, and disappointments.”

Jared Trent was the popular boy in high school.  Everyone wanted to be him or be with him.  The girls melted over him.  Jared had bad boy written all over him.  He loved to race cars and was a complete mystery to me.  Something dramatic happened to him when he was fourteen years old and I am a sucker for damaged boys I desperately wanted to know more.

“Jared indulged in my misery like it was candy. He had fed me to the wolves time and again, reveling in the unhappiness he caused. Jared, my friend, was completely gone, leaving a cold monster in his place.”

 I have wanted to read this book for such a very long time.  I don’t know why I waited so long because this story was so good.  From the very first page the book grabbed my attention and I just wanted to know how this would end.  At first I will be honest I had mixed feelings for Jared.  He made me frustrated and I usually like assholes but he was up high up on a new level of assholes but I still found myself desperate for answers to know why he was such an ass.

“His eyes were like the cover of a book- giving you hints but not the whole story. And I wanted to know the story.”

The tension buildup between Tate and Jared was intense I loved every second of it. It totally may me melt for him more haha.  I had mixed feeling about Tate as well. Like the insecure shy part of her drove me mad until she finally decided to stand up for herself; I like that personality much better. I felt like the anger and the heat buildup created for an excellent sexy read and made a much intense relationship.

teaser 1 6-28-17

“His mouth crashed down on mine, drowning out my protest. His lips devoured me, hard and fast, like I was being eaten alive.”

Overall, I enjoyed this story a lot.  The chemistry, the tension, the drama, everything was exciting and the author did a wonderful job creating a unique story that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I feel that readers who enjoy broken heroes, young adult drama and second chances will truly like this story.

 “Yesterday lasts forever. Tomorrow comes never. Until you” 


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