ARC/CC’s Review ~ Crosshairs (Predator and Prey, #2) by Kate Stewart

Title: Crosshairs (Predator and Prey, #2)

Author: Kate Stewart

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Releases on June 30, 2017

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Rating: 4.5 Stars! 



In Crosshairs, the timeline continues without interruption as Taylor Ellison’s world has been turned on its axis. Taylor is a strong heroine who has risen in the ranks of the corporate world but her personal life has always been kept under lock and key. Until now, Taylor accepted her reality with emotionless sex and a strict work schedule but as her attraction to Daniello Di Giovanni continues to grow, her past is intersecting with the present and causing danger to her those she loves.


“That’s my addiction: beautiful men without souls.”

Adding to the uncertainty is the mystery about Daniello and his efforts to keep detached from Taylor. Their lives have intersected in ways that prevent a neat separation, especially when the stakes are raised making certain intentions quite transparent. Not known to cower from a challenge, Taylor is determined to put an end to all threats no matter the consequence to herself.


“He would tear my castle apart and ruin my kingdom if I’d let him. Because I loved him. Someone had to love the fucking villain.”

In the midst of this game of predator and prey, Taylor and Daniello continue to share an undeniable chemistry with each having met their match. Confident in her sexual prowess, she wants all of Daniello and isn’t afraid to push him until he gives all of himself.


“He stood a picture of pure temptation, while he kept my hair fisted, and slowly unzipped his pants. His bulging length sprang free and my mouth watered.”

In this final conclusion, Taylor comes full circle by accepting a balance to her life that she’s been fighting for so long. The inclusion of past memories with her mother, sister, Laz and Ray solidify a connection to Taylor’s character and shows her growth and reflection. Additionally, these scenes offer multiple layers of emotion to the plot and underscore the significance of Taylor’s decisions. Plus, getting to know more about the aloof and dominant, Ray Tyco, was a treat even though it was heartbreaking.

In addition to the erotica that sizzles the pages, the author’s ability to write compelling suspense is ever present while continuing to weave plot dynamics layer by layer. For me, this duet was really about Taylor’s evolution, as she is such vibrant character with real flaws that humanize her. Of course, the conflict surrounding Daniello prods Taylor in a certain direction that enhances her journey.

Crosshairs offers a story about circumstances and choices with a healthy dose of reality and eroticism that together make for a captivating and entertaining read. Having been a longtime fan of Kate Stewart and waiting for this series conclusion, it was well worth the wait.

Predator and Prey series:
Camouflage (Predator and Prey, #1) by Kate Stewart Crosshairs (Predator and Prey, #2) by Kate Stewart




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