4.5★★★★ stars

Genre: Fantasy Young Adult
Type: Book 1 in the Falling Kingdoms Series
POV: First Person – Multiple

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“Magic will find those with pure hearts, even when all seems lost. And love is the greatest magic of all.”

The story opens up right away with a shocking scene, I honestly did not see coming. We meet princess Cleiona aka Cleo the second daughter to the King of Auranos who at only sixteen years of age finds herself fighting for survival in a world where everyone is fighting for power. On a visit to Paelsia she meets Jonas; a seventeen year old Paelsian rebel. What happened to Jona’s brother will be the beginning of a war between the three kingdoms (Auroanos, Paelsians, and Limeros) and only the beginning of a journey full of action and unforgettable events.

“No one at all had ever looked at her this way. Angry and fierce and vastly unfriendly…but there was something else there.  As if Cleo was the only girl i the entire world and now he owned a part of her.”

Jonas wanted to avenged the death of his brother but instead he found a better way to avenged his brother and it was by fighting for freedom for his people.  He was so smart and strong; I really liked his determined character and felt terrible for his loss and sorrow.  I did however love the relationship he had with his friend Brion; I liked how they easily understand each other. 

“You know what you have to do,” Felicia whispered fiercely. “Avenge him.” And so here he was. A predator prepared to hunt an entirely different kind of prey.”

Magnus is the prince of Limeros; at seventeen years old he is forced to grow up too quickly. With the high demands of his father; he tries to be more like him to please him. However; deep down Magnus has a noble heart and I really like that about him. He is conflicted when he admits to having feelings toward his sister. He knows is a forbidden love one that he is afraid to speak of. I felt so much for his character I wanted to saved him from his misery. 

“All his life he’d endured so much pain and developed only a thin mask to cover his true feelings. But masks could easily be removed and smashed with only a few words….His heart, now broken into a thousand pieces, slowly began to turn to ice.”

Lucia is Magnus’ sister and the princess of Limeros. She was Magnus best friend and confident.  I liked her and how much she cared for his brother but at the same time I found her weak and lacking strength. Even though she is only sixteen years old I found myself loving Cleo more. Lucia is special though; she is a key to the entire story so her character is important. After her sixteenth birthday she found herself able to do unnatural things and it scared her.


This book was told on four different point of views Cleiona, Magnus, Lucia and Jonas there are couple of other characters we will see their point of views but not too much. These four characters were the main focus of the story. I found myself growing fond of each of them. The story was surprisingly addicting; I was unable to stop reading and craving more. The book was packed with suspense, angst, action, and deep feels, oh my gosh the feels were ridiculously good. This book has magic and death as well so much blood and lost.  I don’t think I cried because I think I was so shocked with everything I didn’t even had time to cry I was barely trying to maintain my sanity haha.

Readers who enjoy Game of Thrones will find this series appealing. Is basically like the YA version of GoT.  I literally couldn’t breathe until I finished and even when I was done I couldn’t believe everything that happened!!! Sooo good it will have your heart in your throat until the end. One word of advice do not get attached to any characters or you will be heartbroken. I am freaking out of what is to come on the next books but I am still diving into next book soon because is so good not to.

“In any case, her fight was not over-not nearly over. It had only begun. And yes, Cleo would be strong. Just as her father and Emilia had asked her to be. She would be strong.”


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