Liz’s Review~Infraction~by K.I. Lynn


“Love has many shapes and depths, some richer than others. His for you is breathtaking.”


I first read Infraction in 2014, and I will never forget the impact this series made on me. Infraction is the second book in the Breach Series and after Breach ended with a BANG, I could not wait to get my hands on this book and find out what could happen next for Lila and Nathan.


“Fuck, I’ve missed this tight little snatch.
My dirty girl is so wet for me.”

Lila Palmer and Nathan Thorne are both broken and damaged beyond repair from the demons of their past. After Lila finds herself in the hospital, Nathan has made it his mission to be there for her and prove his love for her. With his family and their friends surrounding her with love and support, Lila is struggling with trusting Nathan again. After breaking her heart, he has a lot of work to do to make her feel safe in his arms again.


“I want to pull you inside me so you’re safe.”

Lila is damaged both physically and emotionally, and Nathan and Lila seek help from their therapist to work through their issues. As Nathan struggles to let go of his past, Lila fears he will never be able to love her enough. As their fears for their relationship are painfully torn away, Nathan and Lila recognize the peace they have in each other, and the passion is reignited between the two.


“You are fucking mine.”

Told in dual POV, Infraction is another delicious read with passion, romance, and some more serious dirty talking. The dynamics between Lila and Nathan span the spectrum of emotions and watching these characters come together and learn to embrace life together is remarkable. I adore the intricate relationship between Nathan and Lila, and as each moment unfolds, I could not take my eyes away. The secondary characters enhance the plot considerably with the support they offer Nathan and Lila. Additionally, the action and intrigue are amped up when Lila and Nathan must face the demons of their past head on. Once again, K.I. has captivated me with Infraction’s creative plot, passionate moments, and beautiful text.


Infraction is an absolute must read for Nathan and Lila fans. This series is beautiful, raw, dark, and of course deliciously dirty! I am so excited for the upcoming release of Breached. No doubt, more NATHAN and LILA greatness is in store!

***Breach Series***
Breach (Breach, #1) by K.I. LynnInfraction (Breach, #2) by K.I. LynnReciprocity (Breach, #3) by K.I. LynnDissolution (Breach, #1.5) by K.I. LynnRelease (Breach, #4.5) by K.I. LynnBreached (Breach, #4) by K.I. Lynn



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