Liz’s Review~Bullets and Bonfires~by Autumn Jones Lake


“Come here, baby girl. I got you Bree. You’re safe now.”


Bullets and Bonfires is a beautiful forbidden romance with an intricate plot, plenty of action, and smoking hot passion!


“I’ve idolized him, crushed on him, loved him since I was a kid.”

When Bree Avery returns to her small quaint home town, she just wants to feel safe. Finally breaking free from her abusive boyfriend she finds herself back in the arms of her big brother’s best friend, Liam Hollister. Liam, the deputy sheriff, is full of regret that he didn’t make Bree his when he had the chance. Now that she’s home, Liam has a second chance to make things right.


“What he did to you. That’s his shame, not yours.”

As Liam and Bree reconnect, old feelings hit them both like a tsunami. Both are wanting to be together but both afraid, the push and pull begin! Bree doesn’t want to feel the sting of rejection, and Liam fears that if he makes his claim on Bree, he will be breaking “the bro code.” But as Bree continues to find strength in Liam’s arms, the passion ignites, and neither one can deny the truth that they were always meant to be.


“You’re mine Bree. Mine.”

Told in dual POV, Bullets and Bonfires offers a fresh and unique story of two people who have loved and lost and find love again. In addition to the forbidden romance element, Bree must find healing after surviving an abusive relationship and a tragic past. Liam is a strong hero who will stop at nothing to protect Bree and show her how beautiful she is inside and out. The characters are complex with their relationships and circumstances and with the addition of family ties and an overabundance of love, Bullets and Bonfires offers a beautiful blend of perfection that you will not want to miss. Fans of Ms. Lake’s Lost Kings MC will be happy to see a few of their favorite characters grace the pages as the stories are creatively weaved together. With smoking hot passion, beautiful characters, and a complex plot, Bullets and Bonfires is an absolute must read for contemporary romance fans.


Overall, I highly recommend Bullets and Bonfires to all of my reading friends. I have long been a fan of this author’s work, and Liam is one HOT COP that everyone needs to meet!


*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!



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