ARC/LOYDA’S REVIEW~Trust by Kylie Scott





Genre: YAContemporary Romance 
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female

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This book starts with a thrilling exciting scene; we witness a very shocking scene that will mark Edie and John’s life.  Edie is having a girl’s night with her best friend; they decide to run to the gas station for candy and all the good essential a girl needs for a movie night.  She never could have imagined that a normal night would end up changing her life entirely.  The events of that night hunted her dreams every night; to top it off school was becoming more and more intolerable.  Edie was fed up with all the years being bullied and she finally steps up for herself.  


“In life, unless you’re willing to run away and live in the woods and risk being eaten by bears, some things just were unavoidable.”


John Cole; meets Edie the ugly night were both of their lives were in someone else’s hands.  That night will be one he most definably would never forget.  Ever since, he decided to change how he was living and decides to get better grades and get a job.  He soon discovers that Edie had transferred to his public school recently after that night.


John and Edie have more in common then what they think.  Where Edie is tortured by bullies due to her weight, John is the popular one and good looking.  The experience of that night has brought them together now and they seem to understand each other so much so then they could have imagined.  After realizing they share English class together; they start to develop a very close friendship.  I particular loved this book for that reason.  Their friendship felt so real and fantastic; John was ahhhhh he was dreamy, protected and he seemed genuine to me. He would understand and knew exactly what Edie needed without her telling him. With John, Edie was able to enjoy herself without feeling uncomfortable.  He made her feel normal.  She couldn’t understand that someone with such a great popularity and great looking could even notice her even as a friend.  

“He was beautiful and I . . . I was nothing. An out-of-her-depth girl who wore too much black and feared the bulk of society.”

I must admit I wanted to feel lots of butterflies with these two but I just didn’t. The chemistry was not there it was mainly friendship up until much later towards the end of the book.   I almost wished they would have dated differently too; like I felt they were both pushed into the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship card, so it took me forever to actually warm up to the idea of them dating.  Still I really enjoyed the story; the side characters were fantastic.  John was such an amazing hero; I loved how protected he was and how he cared for Edie. The story is full of sarcasm, funny scenes, and it will be appealing to readers who enjoy young adult high school stories. 

“Being young is all about the experiences: the first time you skip school, the first time you fall in love…the first time someone holds a gun to your head.”

 ★★This was a F(BR) with Liz★★


📚📷#PhotoChallenge: Day 15 💙 💙 🔊ON🔊 #shadesofjuly One Word Titles #julyreadsplaining Language #Trust by #KylieScott I really enjoyed this story about second chances. One day you are here and in a blink of an eye you could lose your life. Edie and John were a very interesting couple. I loved the friendship they developed after a nightmare they both went through. Honestly; I was surprised the book had so much cursing in it considering they were in high school. Don't get me wrong I curse like a sailor so I don't mind at all, I was just shocked that's all haha lol. Fantastic story readers of YA will find this story appealing. Full review will be posted on release day. 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 . . . ★This is a fan made teaser, no COPYRIGHT intended, I do not own the rights to the music or the gifs fan entertainment only.★ . . . #craziesrusbookblog #read #julyphotochallenge #PhotoChallenge #books #bookish #bibliophile #blog #blogger #bloggerslife #booklover #music #addicted #youngadult #highschool #picplayteaser #teaser #quote #trust #kyliescott

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