Liz’s Review~Destined to Crave (Descended of Guardians #1)~by Setta Jay


“He was a gorgeous, primal male set to claim what belonged to him.”


The Guardians are back and Destined to Crave is the first new smoking hot novella from the Descended of Guardians Series! The Descended Guardians is a spin off from the Guardians of the Realms. If you are a fan of Setta Jay’s The Guardians of the Realms or if you are looking for a new paranormal series to dive into than this is the read for you!


“I’d fucking light myself on fire to protect her from this.”

Lucy and Ryker are children of Guardians and they discovered that they were true mates when they were both at a very young. Too young to bond, they continue their friendship and find great comfort in each other. Lucy is older than Ryker so she decides for both of them that they need to wait a significant amount of time to complete their bond. Hoping that Ryker will take the time to explore and live his life before he is bonded to Lucy, she leaves him and forbids him from approaching her until a decade has passed. The pain they both feel from their separation is unbearable, and when Ryker is faced with a dangerous threat, Lucy is left vulnerable. Is the mating bond strong enough to bring them together and give them the strength they need to survive?


“I want your ass, Lucy.
I’ll pin you and fuck it after you come for me.”

Told in dual POV, Destined to Crave is an absolutely stunning read full of passion, romance, and action! I adore the Guardians and to have the opportunity to rejoin this fantastical world and have a glimpse into the lives of their children is beyond spectacular! The Guardians are passionate creatures, and the bonds they share with each other and their mates are full of fierce protectiveness over the ones they love and each other. The unique powers and gifts they each possess makes each interaction and battle distinct. The Guardians world is complex and although the history of the relationships between the characters is in depth, I find that Ms. Jay offers plenty of background with each installment making it possible to read each book as a standalone and enjoy every single moment! Ryker and Lucy’s story was full of smoking hot steam and beautiful romance. My only complaint is that it had to come to an end.


Overall, I have long been a fan Setta Jay’s work and I truly cannot contain my excitement over another magical series with the children of the Guardians! I have no doubt more greatness is to come!



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