CC’s Review ~ Guns n’ Boys: Chokehold by K.A. Merikan

Title: Guns n’ Boys: Chokehold
Author: K.A. Merikan
Genre:  Erotic Romance/MM
Type:  Book 5 of 6
POV:  Third person


4.5 Stars! 


In Chokehold, book five of the Guns n’ Boys series, Domenico Acerbi and Seth Villani are on the move, with Mark in tow, trying to cross the Mexican border underground and without incident. Completely cut off from their resources, Domenico relies on limited funds and a handful of trustworthy contacts until their supposedly safe passage is compromised.

“We will build a bright future. Disperse all the shadows.”

For Domenico and Seth, their path hasn’t been straightforward and during this time in Mexico, their circumstances add stress to their relationship. With Domenico temporarily home bound, Seth quickly acts to support the family but Dom has his doubts. Working hard and for little money, Seth accepts new his role but he’s also harboring strong feelings about the past that are percolating at the surface. As tensions rise, Dom knows where his heart belongs but his insecurities lead him to act in a way that forces Seth’s hand. 

“I don’t know if I even deserve to be forgiven, but I need you so fucking much. I can’t imagine being without you anymore, and that is the truth.”

With Domenico on the mend and never long without a prospect, he finds an unexpected alliance and a chance to gain leverage in his long term goals. As the dynamic between Dom and Seth shifts, they acknowledge how each offers balance and they are able to finally put the past behind them. 

“Despite all their differences, it was what they were to each other. Mirrors in which each of them could see only the best of themselves.”

Told in dual POV, this character driven plot focuses on the connection between Domenico and Seth and how their past deeply influences their future. While Dom and Seth have such diverse personalities, they share core commonalities finding comfort and love in subtle and overt gestures. Reconciling the time when Dom and Seth were in Germany was a huge hurdle to overcome. Additionally, with their commitment to Mark becoming part of their family, their bond becomes even stronger.

With Dom and Seth so far from home, the ongoing plotline of the Villani family saga continues but with new leadership, there is also renewed hope one day this duo can return to Italy. Whether these alliances can be trusted is yet to be revealed. 

It’s no secret that Domenico Acerbi is one of my favorite fictional characters and with each book, he and Seth continue to grow. Their sexy banter and complimentary personalities provide intense and humorous times. With Mark in the periphery, he also adds dimension and has become an integral component to their family unit.

As always, the writing team of K.A. Merikan offers an erotic read with compelling characters and a stimulating plot. With the series end coming in book six, the feeling is bittersweet as I look forward to reading what happens yet selfishly don’t want to say goodbye.

This book would appeal to those seeking an erotic romance embedded in a mafia setting. I highly recommend!

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