CC’s Review ~ The Art of Mutual Pleasure by K.A. Merikan

Title: The Art of Mutual Pleasure
Author: K.A. Merikan
Genre: Erotic romance/MM
Type:  Standalone
POV: Third Person
Published: March 29, 2017




4.5 Stars! 

Benjamin Snowley a young gentleman in the midst of a physical and emotional crisis due to his need for self-pleasure and being aroused by certain deviant acts. Feeling as though his urges for onanism are against societal norms, and because he wants a wife and child in the future, Benjamin seeks medical intervention for his affliction. Committed to healing himself, Benjamin sets out to reinvigorate his body and calm his mind.

“How can the same man be so graceful yet so debauched at the same time?”

As Benjamin learns his naivety has been harmful, he doesn’t want to be ashamed of the pleasure he experienced. With the help of an old friend, Benjamin is learns to accept who he is and embrace his sexual needs without guilt.

“If you were one of those men,” Benjamin said, losing all inhibition, “not only would your cock be inside of me, but also rub against another at the same time. I would squeeze you both so tightly.”

What transpires in this novella is an incredibly hot journey of self-discovery. From the beginning, Benjamin is an endearing character who tries to do what’s expected of him but it simply doesn’t mesh with his desires. When he experiences such a low point, it’s felt and rooting for Benjamin is like second nature. 

“I am my own master, and my vices are my own.”

The writing team of K.A. Merikan delivers a story of historical significance with a spin of filthy goodness. The Art of Mutual Pleasure would appeal to those looking for an unabashedly erotic and stimulating read with some heart. 



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