CC’s ARC Review ~ The Church by Celia Aaron


3.5 Stars!

With the final installment of the Cloister series, the timeline continues with Adam and Delilah plotting for their freedom. Though she remains true to her original vision of avenging her sister, Delilah’s plight becomes more complex as her feelings for others at the compound escalate. With the continued experience of the Prophet’s oppression, Adam is desperate to salvage what he can.

“Nothing here is under my control, and I’m at the mercy of the clock – always waiting for something to happen instead of making it happen myself.”

Told in multiple POVs, the plot is driven by action sequences carrying the characters to points of no return. Given the extreme measures, vying factions collide leading to collateral damage.

“I want him so badly, an I want the life described. The two of us, free from the Prophet’s web. But it can’t happen. We were doomed from the moment we saw each other.”

For me, these characters stayed on the surface and I was hoping for more development showing how scarred they are from the past and their current situation. As a result, I didn’t feel the connection I wanted. However, the overall storytelling is compelling and sets an eerie tone of manipulation.

The Church would appeal to those who want to be immersed in romantic suspense within a dark world.

The Cloister series:
The Maiden (The Cloister, #1) by Celia Aaron The Prophet (The Cloister, #2) by Celia Aaron The Church (The Cloister, #3) by Celia Aaron

*An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.*



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