Liz’s Review~Marek~by Sawyer Bennett


“I can never allow myself to forget what caused the rift between Marek and me in the first place.”


Marek is the eleventh book in the Cold Fury Hockey Series. I know what you may be thinking eleven books? How could this series still be going strong? Two words for you HOCKEY GODS! The Cold Fury Hockey Team is full of alpha male hockey players and their spunky counterparts. At the end of the last book Reed, we learned that Marek has a daughter from his first love. With such an explosive discovery, you better believe I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this.


“There’s something to be said about second chances.”

Marek Fabritis and Gracen Moore had a passionate romance. When Marek decided he needed to focus on his hockey career, he left Gracen. Gracen soon discovered that she was pregnant. Instead of telling Marek, she kept the baby a secret. When Marek discovers what has happened, Lilly is already three years old. Marek insists that Gracen abandon her plans to marry another man and drags her and Lilly back to North Carolina. Marek is far from ready to be a father nor is he prepared to let go of the anger he has at his ex-flame. Gracen is terrified of getting close to him again only to experience hurt and abandonment all over again. As both struggle to find their way, Lilly is the catalyst that brings them back together.


Told in dual POV, Marek is certainly a unique addition to the series as it deals with such serious subject matter. Both main characters are complex and reluctant to trust each other again. This lack of trust leads to countless misunderstandings and frustrating moments. I found the intensity of their situation to only strengthen their resolve to make things work. It took both characters a great deal of time to work things out, so this could be a problematic plot point to some readers. However, if you are fond of second chance romances with a dash of hockey love than you do not want to miss this passionate story.


Overall, I highly recommend Marek to anyone looking for a dynamic crew of characters thrust into a complex plot of lies, betrayal, passion, and tender romance. Although you can certainly enjoy this piece of hockey goodness as a stand-alone, I highly recommend reading the entire series! I have become a huge Cold Fury Hockey Addict and this is one addiction I will never want to quit!

***Cold Fury Hockey***
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*ARC graciously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!


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