Liz’s Review~The Church~by Celia Aaron


“The Prodigal has returned.”


The Church is the explosive conclusion to The Cloister. The third and final book in The Cloister series offers action, suspense, passion, and romance. Adam and Delilah are fighting to be together and will do whatever it takes to escape the madness and chaos of The Cloister. With Adam’s mother and father trying to corrupt Adam and keep him away from Delilah, the stakes are high for them to find each other and escape!


“He’s the only one who can put me back together, can join our broken pieces and make us whole.”

Told in multiple POV, The Church is a roller coaster of twists and turns. These characters have been through so much and with time running out, they are all desperate to survive. The tempo of the read is intense and life or death is on the line. I was quite satisfied that Adam and Delilah were able to find their way and learning more about Noah was a great addition to the plot. Like a blockbuster movie unfolding on the big screen, The Church is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

“You’re all I’ve ever needed.”

Overall, Celia Aaron is one of my go-to authors and The Cloister will certainly appeal to readers who enjoy a dark romance full of suspense and action.

***The Cloister***
The Maiden (The Cloister, #1) by Celia AaronThe Prophet (The Cloister, #2) by Celia AaronThe Church (The Cloister, #3) by Celia Aaron

*This was a BR with my girls CC, Mer, and WAR!


*ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review!


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