Liz’s Review~A Wish for Us~Tille Cole



“Cromwell Dean reached my soul with his voice.”


A Wish for Us is a stand-alone contemporary romance about love, loss, and music. Set in the deep south on a bustling college campus, two musicians find healing and love in each other.


“There’s not a part that I regret.”

Cromwell Dean is a gifted composer, musician, and DJ. After years of escaping the demons of his past, Cromwell is thrust into the dark and light colors of music once again. When he is partnered up with Bonnie Farraday, a flourishing composer and performer, Cromwell’s entire world is rocked. As Bonnie and Cromwell work together to create a perfect composition, both are forced to explore the brokenness that exists in their lives. The physical and emotional trials are insurmountable as both struggle to survive. Through their journey, they find healing and a chance to “chase the music from dawn until dust” forever.


“It was perfect. He was perfect. Like this, life was perfect.”

Told in dual POV, A Wish for Us is a heartbreaking story full of complex characters and a rich plot. When secrets from their past (and present) are revealed, the pain experienced is raw and cuts like a knife. The dynamics between the characters plays out like a rich symphony. The text is lyrical and set at a driving tempo as each moment unfolds. Cromwell is a very damaged hero and when he is paired with Bonnie, together they make perfect harmony.


Overall, I highly recommend A Wish for Us to readers who enjoy a tender romance full of healing and loss. Tillie Cole is a master storyteller. With her rich text, complex characters, and intricate plots, Ms. Cole’s work never fails to amaze me.

*ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review!

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