CC’s ARC Review ~ The Vamp Experience by Courtney V. Lane

Title: The Vamp Experience
Author: Courtney V. Lane
Genre:  Paranormal/Erotic Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person
Published: June 7, 2018



4 Stars!


At twenty seven years old, Regan Barcel became the product of her environment: detached and driven. Though successful in her career, her personal life has suffered. Upon receiving a fatal prognosis, she leaves it all behind to fulfill all her fantasies.

“Inside me was a free spirit dying to get out. She became strangled by my overbearing, control-freak personality…”

Tall, dark and handsome Calind Glace is assigned to provide Regan with her personal experience. Being an Adonis, it’s easy to swoon over his good looks and alpha ways, but Calind proves to be exactly what Regan needs. 

“If I left things at your preferred personal limit, this won’t progress. I will constantly blur the lines of your boundaries.”

Though Regan is a prickly and demanding character, she is also processing her fate and what her life has amounted to. Knowing she doesn’t have anything to lose, letting go is the only way she can experience it all. Along the way, her fantasies become layered with parts of her own reality causing her to make choices.

“I’ve finally broken you, sweetheart. You would do anything to have my cock inside you.” He thumbed my lips and pressed in forcing my lips to part. “Wouldn’t you?”

Told from Regan’s point of view, discerning where illusion and reality intersect becomes blurred. With Calind delivering a plethora of erotic fantasies, staying within the confines of her experience is a no brainer. However, Calind’s offerings require Regan to give what she gets. 

The creative paranormal and fantasy elements of this story are boundless making the reader question what is part of the experience. There were times where I wanted a bit more of a definitive line which would have supported certain plot points pertaining to Regan’s family. Though Regan was an obstinate character and often acted to her detriment, it also made her vulnerable showing a different side to her impenetrable exterior and I liked that. Lastly, Calind’s personality was complimentary to Regan’s turbulent side because while he wasn’t perfect, he was also willing to make sacrifices.

The Vamp Experience is a story heavily focused on paranormal and erotic fantasy within a complex landscape. This book will appeal to readers who enjoy drawing their own conclusions.

*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review. 



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