ARC/LOYDA’S REVIEW ~ Disgrace by Brittainy C. Cherry


4★★★★ Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Type: Standalone 
POV: First Person – Dual


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“Once you zoom in, you realize we are all similar in so many ways. We all bleed red, and even monster’s hearts can break.”

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Grace Harris has always been the obedient one; always living to pleased others except what she desired.  With her parents being the town’s preachers she grow up trying to always be a good example for others.  After her husband’s betrayal; she found herself tired of pleasing everyone. 

Jackson Emery has always lived with the town looking down on him and judging him; he was the town’s black sheep and no one wanted anything to do with him or his father after the bad boy reputation he had. However; no one ever took the time to really get to know him and really see how broken he was until her.

“We were perfect opposites for the perfect storm, and she was asking me to be her next flaw. To be her greatest mistake.”

At first I was a little annoyed by Grace and her weakness of letting people walk all over her until she finally started standing up for herself.  Jackson was one of the main reasons of her change and for that I loved him so deeply.  Their relationship became one that slowly changed both of them for the good.  I loved how it wasn’t an insta-love type of relationship but a convenience and slowly it became everything.  I think my favorite part of this story is how Jackson and Grace would leave each other a book recommendation for each to read and it kind of reminded of one of my favorite book “Worlds in Deep Blue”.  I always found books were the hero and heroine love reading some of my favorites.  

“He wasn’t mine and I wasn’t his but that night, we were something”

Overall; I really enjoyed this story.  Even though it didn’t have the deep ugly cry feels I was hoping for I still found myself liking both main characters and the story itself.  However; I could have been ok without the extra loving and forgiveness at the end. I know I know I might have an ugly black heart and just don’t forgive very easily haha.  Some characters I just found I would have never forgive them specially after the things they did.  

“When you were taught your whole life to hate a stranger, it was humbling when you realized you’d wasted energy hating something that wasn’t even real.”

Disgrace is a story about forgiveness, finding your true self and moving forward after bad things happen in life. Is about love and family and second chances.  Readers who enjoy these type of stories will find this book appealing. 

☀☀☀ . . . (F)BR W
ith War . . . ☀☀☀

Book Info:
Disgrace by Brittainy C. Cherry


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