CC’s ARC Review ~ Broken Edge (The Edge #3) by CD Reiss


Title: Broken Edge
Author: CD Reiss
Genre:  Dark Erotic Romance
Type: Book three of four
POV: First Person – dual
Expected publication: July 10, 2018



4 Stars!


In the third book of the Edge series, Caden’s demons are tested as his surroundings have the ability to recreate past trauma. Determined and detached, Caden is willing to take the risk in order to feel complete again. However, Greyson isn’t about to stand down while Caden’s mind and body are ranging a battle. Stubborn to a fault, Greyson makes certain decisions and sacrifices that are potentially destructive.

“The very things I loved about her were the things that made her difficult to keep.”

As more about Caden’s past is revealed, the balance between detachment and emotions becomes a necessity. Forced to confront what was hidden, Caden relies on Greyson to enable his healing. Faced with an enormous sense of duty, Greyson discovers factors that could inhibit or harm Caden and that’s when it all shatters.

“Sometimes you have to stop pushing. That’s all I’m saying. Let things be the way they are. You could make things worse.”

Divided into three parts, the reality of their current situation is intense and it forces the issue at hand; however, I was hoping a more emotion and more depth. With a steady pace, tension continues to escalate as the direction begins to shift to an unexpected plot point. 

In Broken Edge, the author continues to test boundaries with her characters by showing their vulnerabilities and how love isn’t always logical. For Caden and Greyson, the struggle isn’t over and I look forward to reading how it will all end. 

The Edge series:
Rough Edge (The Edge, #1) by C.D. Reiss On the Edge (The Edge, #2) by C.D. Reiss Cutting Edge (The Edge, #0.5) by C.D. Reiss Broken Edge (The Edge, #3) by C.D. Reiss Over the Edge (The Edge, #4) by C.D. Reiss 

*An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.*




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