CC’s Review ~ Power Play by Cara Dee

Title: Power Play
Author: Cara Dee
Genre:  MM Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person 
Published: January 30, 2018



4 Stars!  


At 21, Abel Novak-Hayes is a professional hockey player who tries to balance his condition with routine and low stress. From a young age, Abel relied on a close friendship with his father’s best friend to keep him grounded, but once Abel started to develop feelings for him, the dynamic changed causing Abel to feel rejected. With some nerve, Abel decides to chase the truth. 

“He was warm and all comfort and protection. This was my home.”

Madigan Monroe is a proprietor of a successful tattoo shop and has always valued his close bond with life long friends. Intent on keeping his promises, Madigan tries to avoid hurting Abel but fails on several levels. Knowing he must be honest, Madigan comes clean with all that he is. 

“Well, you have nothing to worry about.” He gestured toward the back, and I took the hint to return upstairs. “Mouthy little subbie boys are my weakness.”

As Madigan and Abel learn their sexual proclivities are very compatible, they become more open about exploring their kink. Abel finds the protection and nurturing that he always craves. With Mad always assuming the dominant role in their relationship, the transition to Abel wanting to call him “Daddy” feels completely natural and leads to some hot and filthy scenes. 

“You better clench, boy,” he’d advised afterward. “If you lose a single drop of Daddy’s come, you’ll get the belt.”

This is my first DD/lb book and I enjoyed how the kink was portrayed between Madigan and Abel. With them, it wasn’t just about age play and Abel being treated as a Little, but that Mad is also a Daddy Dom. The dynamic suited them perfectly in and outside the bedroom. Nutella is not optional. Lol!

In this book, there are many secondary characters included in the storyline, and at times, I was at a bit at a disadvantage and wondered if certain books should be read in a particular order since it seemed to detract from more in depth analysis of Abel’s difficulties. It’s clear that Madigan has a long history with Abel’s parents and I wanted to feel more of that impact toward the end. That said, the strong bond between Mad and Abel was effectively conveyed.

Power Play would appeal to those who have an open mind for kinkery and appreciate the risks of taking a chance on love.


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