CC’s Review ~ The Best Friend by K. Larsen

Title: The Best Friend
Author: K. Larsen
Genre:  Romance Suspense
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – dual
Published: July 6, 2018



4 Stars!  


Aubry Clark is an interior designer who has learned to appreciate all that life has to offer. While on location for a photography shoot, Aubry is in the right place at the wrong time. Upon realizing how precarious her situation has become, it’s too late to reverse what she has witnessed. Causing Aubry to transition to survival mode, she no longer has the choice of freedom.

“Most days of life are unremarkable. They start and end with no true memory made.”

Mike Chesterfield lives on his trust fund and enjoys flying his plane as often as possible. Known as a playboy, Mike has always felt a connection to Aubry yet he’s been hesitant to act on the attraction. However, he does not foresee how his thrill-seeking activities will affect him and Aubry. Acting to protect what he knows, complications arise.

“Mike sighs and draws slow small circles on my skin. “There are two side to every story, Aub.”

What occurs between Mike and Aubry is intense as each try to make the most of their limited time together. Mike knows the danger of their situation but by trying to shield Aubry, he must hurt her and lie to the one person he cares about the most. To Aubry, Mike’s actions are contradictory and don’t add up. Though she knows the truth, others begin to question the facts causing extra tension.

“The brain is powerful. It can make us believe lies. It can sway us to remember or block out truths or fallacies. It’s a skilled illusionist.”

Told in dual POV, Aubry’s experience is vividly felt as she tries to maintain a grasp on her reality. Once she discovers Mike’s role in her situation, she can’t separate her mind and heart. As she processes the truth, Aubry isn’t willing to let it all go without a fight. For Mike, life has always been convenient for him; however, once he realizes and values what is important, his actions show his true nature. 

Going into this book, I was expecting a twisty romance suspense and I enjoyed the elements of what occurred between Mike and Aubry in the first half of the story. After it all started to settle, I did feel some character disconnect since it seems storylines from previous books better enrich the total character experience. Aubry is a strong character and I like how she accepted challenges no matter how grim or difficult. Though he is quite sexy, I wanted to know more about what makes Mike tick. 

The Best Friend is a story about trusting your gut instinct when it comes to love and life. This book would appeal to those looking for a romantic suspense with darkish elements.

Note: while this book is not part of a series, I recommend reading in order for the most fulfilling experience.
The Tutor by K. Larsen The Brother by K. Larsen The Best Friend by K. Larsen



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