CC’s ARC Review ~ Church. by Stylo Fantôme

Title: Church.
Author: Stylo Fantôme
Genre:  Dark Romance/Thriller
Type: Duet
POV: First Person – dual and third person 
Published: July 20, 2018



4.5 Stars!

Emma Hartley has endured abusive relationships her entire life and has the psychological labels to prove it. Longing to love and be loved, she finds a connection with an unlikely person. Knowing she shouldn’t act on her feelings, Emma’s overwhelming needs usurp common sense at times.

“Maybe this whole time, I should’ve been looking for someone as fucked up as me. Maybe two broken pieces can be glued together to make a whole.”

Church Logan is a mysterious man with loner tendencies. Learning to adapt to his traits at a young age, he remains aloof but his hometown return brings unexpected complications. Despite his end goal, Church discovers his true self.

“You don’t scare me. I see you, Church Logan,” she whispered. His eyes fell shut, then his head fell forward until their foreheads were touching. “You’re going to break me,” he whispered back.”

Together, they form a dubious relationship where Church manipulates Emma yet she is a willing participant. Their understanding of each other is unique and it fuels their bond, for better or worse. With each fulfilling a certain purpose, Emma is willing to do anything to keep Church while he believes he’s pulling all the strings. Their connection is emotionally intense and physically combustible.

“I want to do it whenever I want,” he started speaking fast as his hips picked up speed. “I want to see you covered in me. I want you to be mine.”

Emma is a complex character with a slew of issues that makes her detached when needed but she is also extremely vulnerable. With this potent combination, she believes she can finally have it all and she becomes a force. 

Church is the gorgeous quiet guy who all the girls imagine conquering his heart (and other body parts). Steady and logical, his superiority complex is somewhat justifiable and makes him even more magnetic. Due to his level of influence mixed with a healthy dose of fear, Church is sexy and potentially deadly. 

Church. is a dark romantic thriller that would appeal to those who want to experience an edgy storyline, compelling characters and blurred boundaries. I highly recommend and look forward to reading book two in this duet. 

Church. duet:
Church. (Church, #1) by Stylo Fantome Untitled (Church, #2) by Stylo Fantome

*An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review. 



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