CC’s Review ~ Nixon (Four Sons #1) by Ker Dukey

Title: Nixon (Four Sons, #1)
Author: Ker Dukey
Genre:  Dark Romance
Type: Book 1 of 4 
POV: First Person – dual
Published: July 20th, 2018



3.5 Stars!

Nixon Pearson has been a good brother and son but he questions the darkness in his soul. A natural protector, Nixon steadily assumes this role and begins to discover what kind of person he can be.

“I didn’t always have this darkness inside me. My soul became tainted, murky with other people’s darkness, their sins raining down over me like acid, saturating me, infecting my core.”

What ensues, is a journey for Nixon as he continues to mature and accepts the added responsibility created from turbulent times. Shifting between past and present, these scenes further develop Nixon’s character. True to his nature, Nixon shows that he is capable of more than he hoped. 

“If you’re searching the sea of people you love in your mind right now, then you’re probably not a psychopath.”

In starting this book, I definitely had high expectations and lots of speculative theories about how Nixon was going to transition from the end of Wheeler. While I liked how Nixon matured beyond his years, his test also affected a certain character. In seeing the big picture, I can understand why, and even respect that it was him, but it’s killing me too. 

A big problem I encountered was Rowan Wheeler. I didn’t feel she matured (or felt any remorse for her previous actions) and didn’t feel her connection with Nixon. Ultimately, he deserves a stronger partner. 

As always, Ker Dukey shows how she is a master storyteller in weaving thrilling elements and taking no prisoners. Nixon’s story was compelling and his brothers remain intriguing. 

Nixon is a dark romance about a captivating hero and how he develops into a man.

Four Sons series:
Nixon (Four Sons, #1) by Ker Dukey Hayden (Four Sons, #2) by J.D. Hollyfield Brock (Four Sons, #3) by Dani René Camden (Four Sons, #4) by K. Webster




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