Liz’s Review~Warnings and Wildfires~by Autumn Jones Lake


“Nope, this doesn’t have to be complicated at all.”


Warnings and Wildfires is a new contemporary romance by the creative genius Autumn Jones Lake. This stand-alone love story offers a delicious blend of complex characters, a tender forbidden romance, and an intriguing plot. With an unforgettable ensemble of characters, this heartwarming story will leave you swooning. Warning- this read will melt your kindle!

“I kiss her harder, claiming her, not holding back this time. Savoring her sweet taste, I decided not to let Aubrey out of my sight for a second.”

Sullivan “Sully” Wallace has one focus in his life and that is his daughter. He works hard, takes care of his mother, and is loyal to his brother and friends. With hard work and drive, he strives to provide the best life for his daughter. When Aubrey Dorado crashes into his life, Sully is captivated by her spunky personality and unbelievably beautiful body. Aubrey is completely taken by Sully and when he offers her a job at his gym, she is eager to work hard and gain his trust. Sully has sworn off dating his employees but as the connection between Sully and Aubrey continues to deepen, the attraction becomes more than either can deny. But Aubrey has a secret and when Sully discovers the truth, will he have the strength and endurance to stay by her side?

“Under Sully’s hands and mouth, I’m like a flower that blossomed too early. Stung by an unexpected frost, my growth stunted. Sully’s the first warm kiss of sunlight. He makes me want things I haven’t wanted in a long time. Things I thought were wrong to want. Would lead me to trouble.”


Told in dual POV, Warnings and Wildfires is a beautiful tender romance with a strong heroine and an exquisite alpha hero that will do anything to protect his girl. His claim over Aubrey is nothing short of perfection. The dynamics between the two are intense as both must overcome the strongholds from their past. As they learn to trust and love again, the passion between the two is explosive. Aubrey has been through unthinkable heartbreak and Sully offers a healing like she has never experienced before. With the addition of the supporting characters, the entire ensemble exudes love and loyalty for each other. The text is full of witty banter and as each moment seamlessly blends into the next a beautiful mosaic is created. I have long been a fan of Ms. Lake’s work and Warnings and Wildfires is another example of her flawless storytelling. With a strong presence from some of my favorite characters from Bullets and Bonfires, this is one world I love to explore. With a unique plot and remarkable characters, Sully and Aubrey have stolen my heart completely and I simply could not turn the pages fast enough!
Overall, I highly recommend Warnings and Wildfires to readers who enjoy a tender story of overcoming. With an exquisite plot, passion, and unforgettable characters, Warnings and Wildfires is one summer read that I will never forget.

*ARC graciously provided in exchange for an honest review!


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