CC’s Review ~ One (Love by Numbers #5) by E.S. Carter

Title: One (Love by Numbers #5)
Author: E.S. Carter
Genre:  MM Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – dual
Published: December 1, 2016



4.5 Stars! 

Isaac “Iz” Fox is the hottest photographer around and openly bisexual. He always knew his tastes weren’t the norm, but his family always accepted him. Enjoying a bachelor lifestyle means Isaac’s bed isn’t empty often, but when Isaac makes a connection with another man, the reaction he receives is unexpected.

“I haven’t changed who I am, and I haven’t stopped wanting you, but I’m not an experiment.”

Flynn Phillips is a fitness trainer who gained notoriety on social media. Though he is a rising star, Flynn came from humble beginnings and suffered a tremendous loss that continues to affect him. After meeting Isaac, Flynn begins to feel in ways he’s never experienced and it makes him uneasy. 

“This man is dangerous to me. He’s everything I’ve never wanted. He makes me need to hate him.”

From the beginning, the chemistry between Isaac and Flynn is undeniable and palpable. Being comfortable with his sexuality, Isaac exudes an easy confidence that Flynn cannot resist. But while they have this pull to each other, Flynn hurts Isaac in ways that speak volumes about Flynn’s insecurities. As time passes, Flynn must accept the past and embrace possibilities in the present, which is vital to his happiness. As he moves forward, Isaac offers a level of intimacy and comfort that Flynn so desperately needs.

“You’re gonna ride me, Flynn Phillips. You’re gonna take what you need exactly how you want it.”

For Isaac, he is a grounded character who is ambitious, loving and willing to confront the difficulties of life. I admired his selfless decision to help his family despite how it could have affected his own life.

Told in dual POV, these characters are richly developed and experience life with its ups and downs. Together, Isaac and Flynn fit and their transition to a couple is ultimately fulfilling. With firsts for both characters, their story felt unique.

In One, E.S. Carter pens a multifaceted story told in a realistic manner that enhances her characters and adds weight to their journey. This MM romance is a story is about self-discovery, acceptance and love. I highly recommend.

Love by Numbers series: (can be read as standalones)
Nineteen (Love by Numbers, #1) by E.S. Carter Twenty One (Love by Numbers, #2) by E.S. Carter Three (Love by Numbers, #3) by E.S. Carter Thirteen (Love by Numbers, #4) by E.S. Carter One (Love by Numbers, #5) by E.S. Carter 




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