Liz’s Review~Ashes (Dark in You, #3) ~by Suzanne Wright


“I’ll fight to the death to protect and keep what we have.”


Ashes is the third book in the Dark in You Series. Harper and Knox are stronger than ever and just when it seems that they will be able to thrive and flourish a new challenge grows between them. Harper is more headstrong than ever and as Knox’s overprotective urges continue to threaten her independence, sparks fly and burn hotter than ever. When rogue demons try to threaten the peace between the Primes, the stakes are higher than ever for Knox and Harper to take down their enemies and find peace together!
descriptionTold in dual POV, Ashes is another dynamic addition to this series. The more time I spend with Knox and Harper, the more time I want with Knox and Harper. The stronger their love grows the more passion blooms between them. As Harper continues to transform, she continues to grow stronger and more invested in her new life with Knox. The supporting characters continue to enhance the plot as the power shifts between the players. My kindle continues to sizzle as Knox and Harper continue to embrace their new life together.

“I can’t imagine what a joy it must be up there in your head.”

Overall, Ashes is a paranormal romance hit with passion, action, romance, and magic. Suzanne Wright is a master storyteller and I will never get enough of Knox and Harper and this dynamic series!

***Dark in You***
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