Liz’s Review~Roman~by Sawyer Bennett


“Will you fuck me already?”


Roman is the seventh book in the Cold Fury Hockey Series. Roman Sýkora is Cold Fury’s bad boy. A gifted player on the ice (and off), he never expected to fall in love with a free-spirited spunky girl next door. Lexi Robertson has come to Raleigh for one purpose. She wants to meet her father and half-sister. Lexi recognizes that their connection to the Cold Fury Hockey team may make them unwilling to accept her as part of their family (knowing that they are wealthy and she is not). However, she just wants to take a chance on finding her place in this world. When Lexi and Roman meet and fall in love, she faces adversity from everyone. As tension continues to rise, Lexi must find a way to be with the man she loves and be the loving daughter and sister that she is expected to be.

“Time has no meaning as our mouths explore and our hands tentatively grasp each other.”

Told in dual POV, Roman is a perfect blend of opposites attract and learning to overcome adversity. The dynamics between Lexi and her half-sister Gray were extreme. Gray has always been one of my favorite characters from this series and it pained me greatly to see her so guarded. And yet, Lexi’s determination to gain her sister’s acceptance never waivered. As always, I adore Brian Brannon, their father, and it was an extra special treat to see him find love in the most unlikely places. Roman and Lexi shared a number of steamy scenes and I thoroughly enjoyed the way in which their relationship developed so naturally throughout the progression of the plot. Lexi is a strong heroine who is not afraid to be true to herself. I adored her character and her personality resonated joy in every single situation. To see her matched with Roman is truly priceless.


Overall, I highly recommend Roman to hockey romance fans. I am truly addicted to the Cold Fury Family and I will never get enough. Lexi is my favorite Cold Fury Heroine to date. When it comes to Sawyer Bennett and hockey, my kindle and I will always be ready and waiting!

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