Liz’s Review~Ryker~by Sawyer Benett


“I’m doing what feels right to me. You feel right to me.”


Ryker is the fourth book in the Cold Fury Hockey Series. Anyone that enjoys a smoking hot forbidden romance MUST MEET RYKER NOW! Although each book in the series is critical for understanding the overall story arc of the characters, each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone. The Cold Fury boys have become one of my go-to hockey teams when I am looking for a quick smoking hotfix. Readers beware once you start this series, you will not be able to stop!


“I can’t stop thinking about how you tasted when you came. I’m dying for another taste.”

Ryker is the goalie for the Cold Fury Hockey Team. Near retirement, he is enjoying the last few seasons of his career. Ryker is recovering from a messy break up with his wife and loves his two daughters more than anything in the world. Although finding love again is the last thing on his mind, he cannot deny his attraction to the team’s manager Gray Brannon. Gray is an independent woman who has accomplished so much in the hockey world. Where men reign, she has made history by working with the team and taking them to greatness. Gray might have found professional success but her personal life is lacking. Gray is very close to her dad and together they run the Cold Fury Team with pride. When Ryker Evans shows interest in Gray she knows there is no way they can be go out on a date. It would be highly unethical and unprofessional for her to have a romantic relationship with one of her players. As tensions continue to rise between the two, the attraction between them becomes more than either can deny. Ryker and Gray begin a secret affair and as the lines between love, lust, and professional obligations begin to blur, a truly epic love match is made.


“Love drives you past the hard shit.”

Told in dual POV, Ryker is another perfect blend of smoking hot passion, hockey action, and characters who are loyal to each other and the game. The connection between Ryker and Gray is passionate, tender, and full of hope for a better life for both of them together. The forbidden element enhances the plot as both characters are devoted to their work in hockey and to each other. Additionally, the father-daughter relationship between Gray and her dad and the father-daughter dynamic between Ryker and his girls kept the plot centered around the importance of family. The writing flows naturally as the plot unfolds and of course, Ryker brings back all of our favorite characters from the Cold Fury crew.


Overall, Ryker is an absolute must-read for Cold Fury Hockey fans. Each book has a unique plot and yet one central theme remains, each book is full of love, passion, and hot hockey action. I have officially become a true Cold Fury Hockey addict and I will never get enough!

***Cold Fury Hockey***
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