CC’s ARC Review ~ Faithless (Red Order #3) by E.S. Carter



Title: Faithless (Red Order #3)
Author: E.S. Carter
Genre:  Dark MM Romance
Type: Standalone within a series
POV: First person – dual
Published:  August 13, 2018

4.5 Stars!

As leader of the Red Order, Luke Hunter is exacting in his decisions as darkness saturates his emotions keeping him the ever apex predator. One to keep pets for his own entertainment, Luke avoids entanglements and enjoys such freedom to explore his depraved proclivities. However, when a friendly associate asks for assistance, Luke agrees to help but also finds himself wanting to take what isn’t his.

“I’m not a coward, I’m a killer. A successful one, but only because I weigh up every option before I strike. The only faith I hold is in myself.”

James Renshaw Cooper is an honorable man who fights for a cause. Having lost those he loved, he protects the remaining piece of his heart by staying focused on his long-range goal. After insulating his own needs, James begins to feel a pull toward a person who could bleed him dry and not blink an eye.

“I’ve never claimed to be a wise man, Luke. But I am a man, and I know what I want and what I’m willing to give up to get it.”

While Luke and James unite for different reasons, and as they have conflicting approaches, the sexual tension between them is undeniable. Luke is ever ready to take and doesn’t have any qualms about it. A strong man by nature, James isn’t about to do anything he doesn’t choose to do and he isn’t going to back down from the swirling attraction he feels toward Luke. What ensues is incredibly hot as their chemistry is off the charts. 

“His mouth attacks mine in violent kiss. Teeth, tongue, lips all battling for supremacy until blood and cum mix and swirl over my taste buds in a heady cocktail of depravity. This isn’t a kiss. It’s combat.”

Adding to the friction between Luke and James is the ongoing storyline pertaining to conflict with the Dominion’s leader and an unexpected female character. I thoroughly enjoyed the element Lily provided, as she enhanced James’ character by showing his compassionate side. Of course, Luke remained detached when it comes to collateral damage but he also showed some cracks in regard to James. 

The connection between James and Luke was felt from the first page and it had me dying for more. I loved Luke’s broody, unbreachable exterior and his dominance added to his dark and depraved sexual proclivities. While James was also incredible sexy, he balanced Luke with his sincerity and candidness. There are a quite a few scenes that have been permanently etched into my id. 

Faithless is a dark romance that sizzles from the beginning. This book would appeal to those who enjoy two strong alpha male characters. Be ready to take several cold showers while reading! 

Red Order series:
Feyness (Red Order, #1) by E.S. Carter Parasight (Red Order, #2) by E.S. Carter Faithless (Red Order, #3) by E.S. Carter 

*An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.


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