CC’s ARC Review ~ Bring Down the Stars by Emma Scott

Title: Bring Down the Stars
Author: Emma Scott
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Book one of two
POV: First person – dual
Published: August 20, 2018


4.5 Stars!


Weston “Wes” Turner learned at a young age that life can be cruel at times. Left to pick up the pieces, Wes focuses on his hobbies and academics. Earning scholarships, Wes is able to advance his education to satisfy his needs to help his family. Along the way, Wes faces adversity based on his economic status and loner personality. However, Wes does befriend one person that provides a sense of balance. Now that Wes is a junior at Amherst, he encounters a woman that gives him pause and he must deal with his reality.

“A guy with poetry in his blood,”… But he keeps his blood from spilling where anyone can see.”

Connor Drake is a gregarious and charismatic guy. Born privileged, Connor never had to live without much, but for the intangible that seems to always be in reaching distance. Once Connor meets Wes, they share an instant connection and compliment each other in many ways. Determined to make a difference for a change, Connor relies on Wes to help but he doesn’t foresee the potential complications. 

“Weston, you sweet, handsome boy. You’d get all the girls if you just smiled more.” I laughed and knocked his hand away. “You and your beautiful teeth can fuck off.”

Autumn Caldwell is a farm girl who has global humanitarian ambitions. Ruled by her heart, Autumn is resistant to another relationship and rather concentrate on her studies, but one man captures her attention by speaking to her soul and the other always offers a welcoming smile. Though she doesn’t have a malicious bone her body, Autumn is torn between what she knows and what she feels. 

“She’s too sweet for my bitterness. Too kind for my mean streak.”

With Autumn entering the picture, Wes and Connor have different feelings about her. Staying true to their friendship, competition is nonexistent but what ensues creates angst for Wes as he makes sacrifices. Understanding Weston’s reasons, his choices are touching and sad at times. The level of friendship is heartwarming though and it elevates the characters. 

This storyline certainly has its moments of strong feels and angst. Wes is a standout character with his deep pain and giving heart, such a sensitive soul. While he and Connor are very different, their friendship is a beacon. Autumn is also a highly likable character with her genuineness; however, there were times when I wished she listened more to her instinct.

Emma Scott has been on my radar for sometime and I’m glad Bring Down the Stars was my initiation. Emma’s style of writing is effortless and I truly felt like I was part of the plot landscape. Overall, this is poignant story about friendship, love and sacrifice. I look forward to reading how it ends in the final installment. 

Beautiful Hearts duet:
Bring Down the Stars (Beautiful Hearts, #1) by Emma Scott Long Live the Beautiful Hearts (Beautiful Hearts, #2) by Emma Scott

*An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.



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