CC’s ARC Review ~ The Butcher by Celia Aaron


Title: The Butcher
Author: Celia Aaron
Genre: Romance Suspense
Type: Standalone (Dark Protector series)
POV: First person – dual
Expected publication: August 28, 2018



4.5 Stars!

David Raven is an interrogator with effective skills of torture and growing up in an abusive home environment reinforced David’s need to inflict pain. After serving five years in prison, David is ready to resume life as an adult, but he never forgot the one girl who captured his heart when he was only sixteen. 

“I felt pierced, something inside me beginning to bleed. And she was the arrow, her gaze the razor tip that cut through every bit of muscle and bone and hit straight through the heart of me.”

Angel is a fighter but catching a break is tough when at fifteen she is left with the choice of pain or compliance. Pretending to be “Daddy’s little girl”, Angel is running low on resilience until she realizes there may be a spark of hope. 

“You’re cute.” I patted him on the arm – the ridiculously muscled arm. “But you don’t need to worry about me. I can take care of myself.”

With both David and Angel having had to fend for themselves, they formed a unique bond as teens in a world where it’s hard to trust anyone. David knew that his future would be dark considering his talents but he always wanted to protect his angel and give her everything. 

“He returned to my clit, bring my wetness with him. “Once you’ve tasted a perfectly ripe peach, nothing else can even come close.”

Told in dual POV, the timeline spans an extended period with circumstances that build the plot and lets these characters face challenges yet retain their essence. Interestingly, this timeline ties into characters from the previous two books in this Dark Protector series. What I liked about David is that he doesn’t run from his darkness and one particular fact was a surprise. With Angel, she is capable of many things, and despite a time when she loses some hope, she takes hold of her true potential, which I loved.

In The Butcher, the narrative is simmering with heat and the underlying plot of vying mob factions adds action and a sense of risk. This book would appeal to those looking for romance suspense with dark elements.

The Dark Protector series:
Dark Protector by Celia Aaron Nate by Celia Aaron The Butcher by Celia Aaron

*An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.


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