Liz’s Review~Defending Allye~by Susan Stoker


“If you loved me, you would stay here with me. Safe.”


Defending Allye is the first book in the Mountain Mercenaries Series. A perfect blend of action, suspense, passion, and tender romance, Susan Stoker delivers a stunning “militaryesque” romance with a lot of heart. Gray Rogers is a former Navy Seal and a member of an elite mercenary team that serves to protect civilians. When he is sent on a job and inadvertently rescues Allye Martin from harm, a connection is made. Allye, a professional ballet dancer, is spunky and strong-willed. Spending time with Gray, she learns what it means to be truly loved and protected. But with so many dangers lurking around them, the stakes are high for both to stay alive.


“Their tongues dueled and danced together as if they’d kissed a thousand times before.”

Told in multiple POV, Defending Allye is a fast-paced read with complex characters and an intense plot. The brotherhood between the Mercenaries is a central part of the plot and the relationships between the entire team has me hooked and I want more Mountain Mercenaries NOW! The passion between Gray and Allye is smoldering hot. Perhaps the best aspect of this read was the way in which these two both grew exponentially by pairing up with the other. The writing flows at a natural pace and when the action was building, I could not turn the page fast enough!

“Love with your whole heart, and give it your all.”

Overall, Defending Allye is an absolute must-read for readers who enjoy action, suspense and smoking hot passion. I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Stoker at Book Bonanza in Denver this past summer and I could not wait to get my hands on her books. This is my first Stoker read and I can guarantee it will not be my last. I am looking forward to reading more from Ms. Stoker!

*ARC graciously provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!


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