Liz’s Review~Golden Paradise~by Susan Johnson


“The chase was won.”


Golden Paradise is a beautiful historical romance based during the Russian Empire. Inspired by several Russian Historical Figures from the past, Golden Paradise is the story of a spunky Russian woman named Lisaveta who finds herself abducted and then lost in the rough terrain abandoned and alone. When Prince Stefan, who is heading back to his lodge to spend some much-needed relaxation time with his gypsy lover, runs into Lisaveta. Upon first glance, Lisaveta isn’t much to look at but after she has been saved by Stefan and the two retire safely for the evening, he sees exactly what the young woman has to offer. They share a night of passion and although Stefan is engaged to be married (minor detail), still in the midst of war (no problem), Stefan and Lisaveta are destined to be together.


“They entertained each other with openness of spirit and joy through the multitude of days.”

Told in multiple POV, Golden Paradise is a beautiful romance full of rich history, a breathtaking setting, complex characters, and a riveting plot. The tempo of the read matches the action of the plot perfectly. As the suspense builds, so did the speed in which I turned the pages because I had to see what would happen next. What I enjoyed most about this read was the tender connection between Stefan and Lisaveta. Despite all of the many circumstances stacked against them, they were able to overcome. Stefan is my absolute favorite type of hero. He is ruthless and fiercely protective of Lisaveta. I found myself swooning over these two!

“It was a tremulous balance of happiness-like a shadow of a dream, ungrounded and bound to dissolve when reality intervened.”

Overall, I highly recommend Golden Paradise to any and all historical romance readers. Susan Johnson never fails to disappoint with her beautiful text and unforgettable characters. Stefan and Lisaveta’s romance is epic and one that I will never forget.

*This is an (F)BR with my bestie SUEBEE!


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