CC’s ARC Review ~ The Glue by K Webster

Title: The Glue
Author: K Webster
Genre: Erotica/Menagé
Type: Standalone
POV: First person – multiple
Published: September 3, 2018


4.5 Stars! 

Vaughn and Vale Young have been married for eight years but have drifted apart due to a difficult circumstance. A Professor of economics, Vaughn is composed and very sexy. Vale recently opened a new business that keeps her distracted from her troubles. Though they love each other, both feel like their marriage is broken beyond repair.

“We’re not broken,” he assures me despite the way his voice trembles. “We’re just cracked. All we need it a little glue.”

Aiden Blakely is a college freshman trying to do his best balancing work and school, but being in Professor Young’s Econ class isn’t helping his GPA. Always one to feel the spectrum of emotions, Aiden is instantly attracted to the two people he should avoid but he can’t help himself.

“I’m going to fuck this man. Or, he’s going to fuck me. Someone is getting fucked.”

Told in multiple POV, these characters are ruled by their range of emotions and their circumstances. Fueling the intensity is a deep sexual attraction that is immediately palpable. Knowing he shouldn’t act on his urges, Aiden doesn’t restrain himself with Vaughn or Vale and it leads to incredibly hot times. As their arrangement progresses, it becomes clear that it’s more than fleeting kinky encounter and these three sizzle together. 

“What do you want to do?” I ask. “I want to fuck her,” he says without hesitation. Then his eyes burn into me. “While you fuck me.”

From the beginning, Vaughn establishes himself as the voice of reason but he also has the broody sexy professor vibe in spades. His dedication to his marriage is heartwarming and the way he treats Aiden is hot and endearing. Vale proved to be an effervescent personality once she was able to move forward from the past. And Aiden is an absolute gem of a character with his charm, lust, and big heart. 

Being that this book is set in a taboo world, there aren’t any limits and I liked how these characters decided what is right for them despite what others many think. The chemistry between Vaughn and Aiden is off the charts and when Vale was added to the mix, there weren’t feelings of jealousy but rather completeness. I really enjoyed how they all transitioned from a place of loneliness to being utterly sated.

As always, K Webster’s narrative is written in such a way that creates an immediacy between the reader and character. With this story being grounded in erotica, it also has tremendous compassion and character dimension.

The Glue would appeal to those who crave unconventional character dynamics and like their taboo good and dirty but with some heart! 

*An ARC was kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.*


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