CC’s Review ~ The Stablegirl by Miss Merikan


Title: The Stablegirl
Author: Miss Merikan
Genre:  Erotica
Type: Standalone
POV: Third person
Published: July 25, 2015




4.5 Stars

Set in the early 1900’s London, one year into Annie’s servitude as a scullery maid, she is assigned to be the groom for her Master’s prize stallion, Coal. During this time, Annie takes her duties seriously and forms a bond with Coal even though he never utters a word. 

“You’re my only friend, Coal.” This time her voice did break down. “And now even you will be taken away from me.”

Dante Salvai is an actor who has an enormous presence based on his stature and good looks. Though talented, he suffers professional sabotage and agrees to become a stallion for one year in order to be free of his debts. A man of his honor, Dante convincingly assumes the role of Coal but doesn’t foresee meeting a beautiful and tender woman.

“I wanted to fuck this tight hole of yours every time I’d see you bend over to get hay,” Dante said, and she could hear his smirk.”

As Annie and Dante reunite, he intends to grant her wish of becoming a mare. While training in her new role as Crema, Annie is so anxious to please her new Master in every way. Though Annie has much to learn, Dante is patient despite the pressure surrounding him. However, as Crema and Coal they are able to enjoy each other without any limitations leading to hot times.

“He slammed hard into her pussy, and his balls smacked against her sensitive flesh, forcing a moan every time he pushed his cock in all the way to the hilt. Annie loved the way Coal filled her and would stay with her ass up high even after he finished, just to make sure none of the precious seed from her stud spilled.”

In starting this book, I was expecting the dynamic of Master and pony but not the experience of two ponies choosing to engage in roleplay. Needless to say, I loved the relationship between Coal and Crema. By shedding their every day personas, they were able to express themselves in ways that led to total acceptance. While there was conflict, Annie and Dante confronted it on their terms.

Due to her social status and Annie is a character that I rooted for from the beginning. Though she is uneducated, she remains honest and loving and is willing to fight for what is right. Dante also proves his worth by making sacrifices that would benefit others in spite of harming his pride. Not to mention he exudes sex. 

The Stablegirl offers hot pony play but also a plot with heart and main characters that are endearing and likeable. For those who want to test the waters into this kink, this book would be a good start.





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