LOYDA’S REVIEW ~ No Tomorrow by Carian Cole



Genre:  Contemporary Romance 
Type:  Standalone  
POV:  First Person – Multiple


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“You were never a part of my delusions. You were my only anchor.”

No tomorrow teaser

Piper was always shy and felt always like an outsider growing up.  She worked hard to land a good job and at only twenty one years old her life was looking promising.  Piper always saw the best in people and that’s exactly why when she meets Blue at the park she couldn’t resist being touched by his beauty and talent.

“This love-our love- is a love that never dies. It withers in the dark and comes back to life again under bright moments even stronger than it was before.”

Blue aka Evan kept to himself; living in the street no one pay him any attention except for her.  Blue and Piper’s chemistry was instant he was hot and his music attracted Piper towards him.  They became friends and there was no denying they both wanted each other. 

“There’s a myth that if a man and a woman see a ladybug at the same time, they’ll fall in love.”

This story was unique, deep, overload with feels and angst.  I honestly couldn’t stop reading from the minute I picked it up, I had to know how this madness would end.  I literally had butterflies, lots of sick stomach feels and lets just say I cried more than I can count.  I absolutely devour this story from beginning to end and I can honestly has I regret nothing.  This author delivered a deep story with hard and painful topics and my emotions were all over the place.  The couple were hot together; the chemistry on point and the levels of pain was bitter sweet.  For readers who enjoy an unforgettable deep story, this is for you. 

“Life and love can be so cruel and beautiful and utterly confusing. This isn’t the love I dreamed of as a little girl… But what we have is a real love. It’s dark, and ugly; raw and passionate. It brings pain and it brings happiness and everything in between.”



F(BR) with Jennifer! 

Book Info: Standalone
No Tomorrow by Carian Cole


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