CC’s Review ~ Guns n’ Boys: A Breath of Innocence by KA Merikan


Title: A Breath of Innocence
Author: KA Merikan
Genre: MM Romance
Type: Book 8 in an ongoing series
POV: First Person – dual
Published May 14, 2018

4 Stars! 

At 21, Mark Vincitore is ready to pursue his photography interests and wants to see if he still has a chance with the one that got away. Off to England, Mark has a plan until he starts to really see the appeal of the fresh-faced beautiful man he has befriended. With Mark’s tainted past, he has to be cautious for many reasons, but for the first time, he wants to be a better man.

“Was it so wrong of Mark to just want someone sweet and pliant for once? A late birthday present to himself in the form of a boy with skin like rose petals. He wouldn’t hurt the pretty thing. He’d be gentle, take his time, and show Griff the ropes.”

Griffith “Griff” Elswood is newly 18 years old and is pursuing a law degree at university to please his parents, though his passion is ballet dancing. Luckily, Griff can practice dance in his private studio and he manages to capture the audience of Mark. Inexperienced in relationships and open with his orientation, Griff wants to take it slow.

“He watched Mark’s hand for a moment before glancing to his handsome face. Everything about him was mysterious, as if he were the hero of an urban fantasy novel about to reveal his true form.”

With Mark being sexually experienced, he recognizes the innocence in Griff and that only makes him more attractive. By witnessing his dads and how intense their relationship can be, Mark wants a real connection like they share and Griff offers that ray of hope. Gentle and kind, Griff feels the pull to Mark’s dominance but he also gets to see the vulnerable side Mark has hidden away for years. Not to mention the sizzling chemistry they share.

“He let Griff pull him in and gently kissed the soft lips that he craved more than even Seth’s baking. His heart skipped a beat, and it was as if this time it was him coming alive, awaking to a possibility that maybe, just maybe, he was worthy of this beautiful boy.”

Trying to avoid the fallout from happened years ago in the jungle, Mark must protect his family and doesn’t want Griff to learn the truth of his dark past. But with a constant reminder in their life, secrets come to the forefront and they choose to find strength in each other. I was definitely surprised by one plot point, and the way Mark chose to handle it, really showcased his true nature. 

Being the eighth book in the Gun n’ Boys series, it was time for Mark to establish himself as adult and accept that he’s capable of being loved. To see Mark have some of Dom’s characteristics was sexy and humorous at times, but he’s also well rounded by his own personality and Seth’s softer side. Griff is absolutely adorable in his naiveté and balances Mark perfectly. 

A Breath of Innocence is a coming of age romance between two people from very different walks of life. It’s sweet and sexy, and for fans of the Guns n’ Boys series, it’s a must read. 

Guns n’ Boys Series:
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