CC’s ARC Review: Beautiful Tyrant by C.P. Mandara

Title: Beautiful Tyrant
Author: C.P. Mandara
Genre: Erotic Romance Suspense
Type: Book 3 of 3 in Enemies to Lovers series
POV: First Person – Multiple

Release Date:  August 19, 2020


Continuing without interruption in the timeline, Harper Wilkinson, Brandt Browning and Gabriel Rodriguez are at the mercy of Mal, the King of the East End. Harper is well aware of Mal’s depravities and he is ready to inflict pain to get his way, though she is willing to sacrifice herself. As they must perform like puppets, the end game is to survive.

“A solitary tear dribbles down my cheek. While my eyes might be spitting fire, there are some things I can’t control.”

With each volume having a different focus and tone, this one begins with the tension of helplessness of being held captive. Physically and emotionally, these characters are pushed with each using what little they have left to gain an advantage. It is brutally torturous at times, but there’s also a sexually masochistic elements at play.

“We give our darling girl the works. I lock lips with her, mostly to stop her swearing, while Brandt teases her clitty to at least double its original size.”

With this book being the culmination of the series, I was hopeful for the storyline to either end in a certain direction or at least have a few certain scenes. Needless to say, I am definitely pleased. Though Brandt and Harper have a longstanding, tenuous history, they do have a deep connection, and with the addition of Gabriel, he is the finishing touch. I liked how Gabriel acts upon his strengths and shows his humorous side. Damn, the man is sex on a stick. Brandt also remains true to his character by using capable skills. Finally, Harper shows resilience even at her weakest point.

Beautiful Tyrant is full of action and erotic elements sure to keep the reader glued to the pages. This book would appeal to those seeking dark romance suspense and two delicious main men.

Enemies to Lovers series:
Beautiful Tears (Enemies to Lovers, #1) by C.P. Mandara Beautiful Torture (Enemies to Lovers, #2) by C.P. Mandara 

*A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.*

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