About Us

This is a fan-made blog for all book lovers, book reviewers, and authors to share their upcoming releases. This page is intended for fun and entertainment purposes only!! We request that viewers be 18 years of age and older! Crazies R Us was founded in 2013 by Kim and Cami in order to share their love of books.  In May of 2015, they asked Loyda to join the team.  While chatting books on Goodreads, Loyda met Elizabeth, and invited her to join the Crazies on their journey!  In 2016 Loyda and Elizabeth convinced their fellow book loving friend CC to contribute reviews to the blog as a guest reviewer.  In January 2017, CC officially joined the blog team!

All five of the Crazies are active members on Goodreads and are Netgalley reviewers.  Additionally, Loyda, CC, and Elizabeth are active members of Shh… [Smut, heroes & HEAs…] a worldwide All-Author Fan group dedicated to contemporary Romance & Erotica on Goodreads!

Through their love of reading and reviewing, the Crazies have developed a close bond.  All five ladies live in different states and yet they chat daily.  Their common bond is their love for reading and their desire to share their passion with all of their followers.  We hope you enjoy our reviews and share our enthusiasm for reading as well.  Thank you for stopping by.



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