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Twisted and sexy, this story grabbed me from the VERY FIRST WORD and never let me go. 6 STARS!” —Alessandra Torre, New York Times bestselling author

Broken Edge, the highly anticipated third installment to the “intensely sexy” and “mind-blowing” Edge Series by New York Times bestselling author CD Reiss is available NOW!


You think you’d go far for love?

Think again.


She really knows how to push a man.

She finds the cracks and she goes right for them. She’ll travel across the world just to break me apart, piece by piece, until every last secret is exposed and every weakness revealed.

I swear to God, I love her so much I’ll let her do it.

I’ll let her do anything.

But when she hurts herself to protect me?

That’s a line in the sand.


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About CD Reiss:

CD Reiss is a New York Times bestseller. She still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print. Her lawyer is working it out with God but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn’t pick up she’s at the well hauling buckets.

Born in New York City, she moved to Hollywood, California to get her master’s degree in screenwriting from USC. In case you want to know, that went nowhere but it did give her a big enough ego to write novels.

She’s frequently referred to as the Shakespeare of Smut which is flattering but hasn’t ever gotten her out of chopping that cord of wood.

If you meet her in person, you should call her Christine.


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CC’s ARC Review

4 Stars!










Liz’s Review~Captivated by Bethany-Kris


“Life. Love. Forever.”


Captivated is a non-stop action mafia romance with smoking hot passion and tender romance. Joe Rossie is a highly respected Chicago hitman for the mob. When he is called to New York City to assist in a special project for a New York crime family, he meets the beautiful mafia princess Liliana Marcello and he is completely captivated by her. Liliana is a professional ballet dancer who is no stranger to the idiosyncrasies of the life of a crime family. Although she has been focused on her career and tried to stay away from love, Liliana is drawn to Joe and the two form an instant connection. When passion transforms into deep love, Liliana begins to trust Joe with her heart. Joe feels an authentic connection to Liliana and yet, he knows that when she finds out the truth about why he is in Chicago, he might lose her forever.

“Joe didn’t relent the second his mouth was back on her pussy. He was the starving man, and she was the fucking feast spread out before him.”


“You want me to pet that pussy?”

Told in dual POV, Captivated is packed with action, suspense, and intrigue. The characters are complex and the plot takes off like a race car on a NASCAR track. In other words, you better buckle up because the plot is full of twists and turns that will make you catch your breath and stop your heart. The connection between Joe and Liliana is explored thoroughly as each moment seamlessly flows into the next. The dirty talking dialogue delivered by Joe is sure to leave any reader swooning and begging for more! The passion and romance between the two are smoking hot and I could not turn the page fast enough to see what would happen next.
Overall, I highly recommend Captivated to readers who enjoy action, romance, passion, and good old-fashioned mafia fun! With an alpha hero and his beautiful dancer, this stand-alone romance will melt your kindle and your heart. This is my first Bethany-Kris read and I can guarantee it will not be my last. I am officially hooked and cannot wait for my next Bethany-Kris read.

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!


Cover Reveal ~ Four Sons series by Ker Dukey, J.D. Hollyfield, Dani René and K Webster



First came Four Fathers. 

Now it’s time for Four Sons.

A Kindle Unlimited Exclusive COMING SOON!


July 20th Nixon (Four Sons, #1) by Ker Dukey 


July 27th Hayden (Four Sons, #2) by J.D. Hollyfield 


August 3rd Brock (Four Sons, #3) by Dani René 


August 10th Camden (Four Sons, #4) by K Webster


CC’s Review ~ The Best Friend by K. Larsen

Title: The Best Friend
Author: K. Larsen
Genre:  Romance Suspense
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – dual
Published: July 6, 2018



4 Stars!  


Aubry Clark is an interior designer who has learned to appreciate all that life has to offer. While on location for a photography shoot, Aubry is in the right place at the wrong time. Upon realizing how precarious her situation has become, it’s too late to reverse what she has witnessed. Causing Aubry to transition to survival mode, she no longer has the choice of freedom.

“Most days of life are unremarkable. They start and end with no true memory made.”

Mike Chesterfield lives on his trust fund and enjoys flying his plane as often as possible. Known as a playboy, Mike has always felt a connection to Aubry yet he’s been hesitant to act on the attraction. However, he does not foresee how his thrill-seeking activities will affect him and Aubry. Acting to protect what he knows, complications arise.

“Mike sighs and draws slow small circles on my skin. “There are two side to every story, Aub.”

What occurs between Mike and Aubry is intense as each try to make the most of their limited time together. Mike knows the danger of their situation but by trying to shield Aubry, he must hurt her and lie to the one person he cares about the most. To Aubry, Mike’s actions are contradictory and don’t add up. Though she knows the truth, others begin to question the facts causing extra tension.

“The brain is powerful. It can make us believe lies. It can sway us to remember or block out truths or fallacies. It’s a skilled illusionist.”

Told in dual POV, Aubry’s experience is vividly felt as she tries to maintain a grasp on her reality. Once she discovers Mike’s role in her situation, she can’t separate her mind and heart. As she processes the truth, Aubry isn’t willing to let it all go without a fight. For Mike, life has always been convenient for him; however, once he realizes and values what is important, his actions show his true nature. 

Going into this book, I was expecting a twisty romance suspense and I enjoyed the elements of what occurred between Mike and Aubry in the first half of the story. After it all started to settle, I did feel some character disconnect since it seems storylines from previous books better enrich the total character experience. Aubry is a strong character and I like how she accepted challenges no matter how grim or difficult. Though he is quite sexy, I wanted to know more about what makes Mike tick. 

The Best Friend is a story about trusting your gut instinct when it comes to love and life. This book would appeal to those looking for a romantic suspense with darkish elements.

Note: while this book is not part of a series, I recommend reading in order for the most fulfilling experience.
The Tutor by K. Larsen The Brother by K. Larsen The Best Friend by K. Larsen



Now Live~Captivated~by Bethany-Kris


by Bethany-Kris
Publication Date: July 9, 2018
Genres: Adult, Romantic Suspense, Organized Crime. Erotic Romance, Standalone



A shadow meets the light …

When someone needs to disappear, the Chicago mob calls on Joe Rossi. A man who can move without a sound, and kill without a word, they don’t call him the Shadow for nothing.

This time, it’s a New York crime family in need of his skills, but it takes one glimpse of her to make him agree to the job.

Liliana Marcello is every inch a principessa della mafia. Her life has taught her to be wary of strangers, yet her ballet career contradicts everything by putting her on display.

It’s a man with a dark smile and a constantly changing demeanor that makes her feel safe again, but it’s the unknown that holds her back.

It takes one look …
One dance …
One word …
One smile to captivate a man.

And one second to kill a woman because of it, too.

Not all monsters hide in the shadows.
How are you supposed to see them coming?





Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to four young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

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Liz’s Review~Buckled~by Pam Godwin


“She’s beauty, innocence, compassion, and everything perfect in the world. No man would part with that.”


Buckled is the second book in the Trails of Sin Series. The series should be read in order so that every nuance of the characters and their relationships can be savored and enjoyed. In the first book of the series, Knotted, a series of tragic events forged a bond between two sets of siblings that can never broken. Buckled overlaps slightly with the timeline of Knotted. Conor and Jake are growing stronger every day and as a spunky reporter begins to make her presence known at Julep Ranch, Jarret is quick to rope her in. As Jarret begins to explore (and devour) every inch of Maybe Quinn, it becomes evident that she might be one beauty that he is not able to tame. As Jarret and Maybe grow closer together, the demons from their past continue to linger all around them. When the truth is revealed, will they have the strength to overcome?

“Love hurts. It’s an emotional abuser, insidious and manipulative, charming its way into unsuspecting hearts before beating the ever-loving shit out of the defenseless insides.”

Told in dual POV, Buckled is a complex contemporary romance with passion, tender romance, and raw unrepentant emotions. The text is all-encompassing as each moment of the plot seamlessly blends into the next. The characters care deeply for each other and their loyalty is unwavering. Both Jarret and Maybe are intense characters who complement each other in every way. In true Godwin fashion, the sexual inclinations of Jarret (so thankful for crops and ropes) stir the delicious and dirty girl living in all of us. He is a true alpha male and once he has claimed Maybe for himself he will stop at nothing to keep her safe by his side. Maybe’s determination to be her own savior only makes her that much more captivating (because honestly who doesn’t love a strong heroine?). In addition to the alluring charm of the main couple, the supporting characters continue to play a critical role in the plot. As the family awaits the release of their brother Lorne, the intensity (and intrigue) of their plight continues to magnify. Through all of the pain, pleasure, and romance one thing is certain: “Love. The most powerful healing force in the universe.” Above everything, love will always remain.
Overall, I highly recommend Buckled to anyone who enjoys a little dark and delicious in their read. With a dash of action, intrigue, and beautiful romance, the Trails of Sin Series is an absolute must-read. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent with Jarret and Maybe. Ms. Godwin is a master storyteller who always meticulously crafts her text and characters in her own unique style that is inspiring and nothing short of perfection. In short, with a complex plot and unforgettable characters, I highly recommend saddling up with this cowboy today! You do not want to miss this roundup!

***Trails of Sin***
Knotted (Trails of Sin, #1) by Pam GodwinBuckled (Trails of Sin, #2) by Pam GodwinBooted (Trails of Sin, #3) by Pam Godwin

*ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest review!


NOW LIVE~Buckled~by Pam Godwin


It’s LIVE!

BUCKLED, Book #2 in the TRAILS OF SIN series

Genre: Dark Cowboy Romance
Series: HEAs with no cliffhangers. Each book is a different couple. Must be read in order.

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I protect what’s mine.
The ranch, my family, our buried secrets.

Nothing will stop me from reassembling the life that went terribly wrong.
Not the law.
Not our enemies.
Not even Maybe Quinn.

The gorgeous, quarrelsome journalist shouldn’t have meddled.
I shouldn’t have let her stay.
But she’s hiding something in those deceptive blue eyes.
Something deeper than her thirst for a news story.

I make a deal with her to buy time.
To unravel her lies. To play with her. To satisfy my darker appetites.
When she buckles beneath my belt, I’ll send her away.
Unless I buckle first.


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BOOTED Book #3
Releases Sep 18, 2018
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Pam Godwin

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Pam Godwin, lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two children, and a foulmouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.
Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.
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