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Everybody wants to be an actress, right?

The lights, the camera, the action? The fame, the money, the beauty and esteem. It’s all part of the package.

Unless, of course, you’re part of HIS films.

Ethan Cole was one of the best directors in the business until the day he disappeared. He was charismatic, gorgeous, intriguing and so brilliant that no other person could compare. People believed he’d simply quit. In truth, he’d gone underground.

I found him after being stolen from the streets. I was thrown into his new world, his fantasies, his decadent chaos, and I found myself fighting just to stay alive.

He seduced me while tormenting me.

Made me a star while keeping me hidden from the public’s eye.

He asked me one simple question before shoving me in front of the glittering lights and dark lens of his camera.

One question, requiring only one response:

Fuck or Die?



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Lily White is a dark writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. She is most known for her Masters Series (Her Master’s Courtesan and Her Master’s Teacher), Target This, Hard Roads, and Asylum. She’s co-authored Serial (a four part serial series). When she isn’t writing as Lily White you can find other books by her under M.S. Willis where she has penned the Control Series, the Estate Series, Because of Ellison (contemporary romance), and Standard Romance Story (Romance Comedy). Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.

In addition to writing, Lily is an avid reader, gummy bear slayer, and a gold medalist in puppy naps.


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CC’s ARC Review ~ The Director by Lily White

Title: The Director
Author: Lily White
Genre:  Dark Romance
Type:  Standalone
POV:  First person- dual

Published: December 13, 2017



4 Stars!!


Emma Hart’s life irrevocably changes when she is abducted and given a terrifying proposition. With limited options, Emma’s rationale for her choice is the path of least resistance. However, when confronted with what lies behind door number two, her perspective radically changes to where every single last moment is earned. 

“So, what will it be?” He asked, the silky croon like sandpaper against my senses now that I understood the type of monster he was. “Fuck or die?”

Ethan Cole is a director with certain professional goals. As he studies people for emotional subtleties, he captures each unadulterated nuance on film. Without filters, Ethan creates a world of violence, pain and raw fear.

“But I have better uses for a woman like you.” Leaning closer, his lips brushed across my cheek when he said, “You won’t like them, but I will.”

As Emma’s time becomes limited, she learns how to survive in ways she could have never foreseen. Using what she believes to be an advantage to manipulate her situation, Emma is still left vulnerable as the time for her final performance nears. While Ethan continues to control the environment in furtherance of his vision, the course set.

“I believe there’s a fire inside you that’s not present in many women. I’d like to use that fire for my personal gain.”

Told in dual POV, the nefarious tone of this novel is mainly felt through the perspective of Emma as she endures the reprehensible actions of her captors. Yet, even with these conditions, Emma manages to retain a sense of humanity. As Ethan’s experience is shared sporadically, his agenda is clear showing his ability and willingness to thrive in this depraved environment. Knowing her demise is near, Emma must process all her emotions and summon her resolve into the ultimate final act. 

This novel definitely dives head first into a dark and evil world where limits are nonexistent. While Emma’s situation is desperate, she managed to channel an inner strength she didn’t know existed though at times it seemed to provide exactly what Ethan wanted. However, with the level of darkness evident in the physical acts, I was hoping the psychological elements between Emma and Ethan would have been equally as potent. Though there was manipulation, it felt offset by certain actions at times. 

In The Director, Lily White creates a disturbing and grisly story that will keep readers on edge at all times. The theme of adaptation pervades the plot which allows for the characters to act the way they do. While it isn’t justification, it just becomes a means to an end. This one isn’t for the fainthearted but for those who like to test their limits. I recommend!



Blog Tour ~ Etern1ty by Erin Noelle





Exp1re (Book 1)







They complete me.
Nothing makes sense without them, the building blocks of logic.
A math teacher by day, a statistics doctorate student at night, my obsession to solve problems is constantly fed.
I’m exactly where I want to be in life, no unknown variables or unsolved formulas.
Until I meet her.
The woman beyond the numbers.
How can I stay away, when everything about her draws me in?
But how can I fall in love, when she won’t promise me eternity?


“Annie, wait,” I blurt, holding my hand up in the air. “We haven’t had a minute alone since I got home. I told you I needed to talk to you tonight.”
She ignores my protests and buries her face into my lower abdomen, trailing her freshly glossed lips down the thin line of hair that travels from my belly button and disappears beneath the flannel cotton of my pajama pants. “We have the rest of our lives to talk. I haven’t had you inside me in way too long, and I’m not waiting any longer.” Her teeth clasp around the waistband and she drags the pants down far enough to reveal my goods. She frowns at the sight of my flaccid, clearly unaroused shaft, and then glances up at me, her brow wrinkled with confusion. “You didn’t miss your fiancée?”
The way she says that word—the same way she’s said it all evening long, at every chance she could get—grates on my nerves for a reason I’m not even sure of. She hasn’t done anything wrong exactly, but she expects me to be the same man I was when I left here a couple of weeks ago—the man who was comfortable and content in his life and relationship, happy even.
I’m no longer that man. Not even close.
Meeting Lyra changed everything; my life’s formula completely flipped around. She’s the answer I didn’t know I was searching for. And now I’ve come home to a huge mess. But I couldn’t bear to devastate my mom. Not again.
And as far as Annie… I am enough of a gentleman not to embarrass her in front of all our friends, coworkers, and family members. I may have realized I don’t love her like I thought I did, and I know telling her that is going to cause enough pain; she surely doesn’t deserve to be humiliated on top of that.
“I did miss you,” I insist as I reach down and yank my pajamas back up over my hips, prompting the crease in her forehead to deepen, “but we need to talk. I have things I have to tell you about my trip.”
I pause to wet my cracking lips with a nervous swipe of my tongue. The movement draws her worried gaze away from mine and down to my mouth, and then she quickly crawls up the length of my body and kisses me. Her tongue plunges deep and determined, her chest pressed flush against mine. She smells like desperation and tastes like regret.
“Whatever happened while you were there,” she whispers against my lips in between kisses, “it’s okay. I understand. Just leave it there, in the past. We can focus on the future. With each other. Your wild oats have now been sown.”
Her mouth returns to mine as her hand wedges between our bodies and slips inside my waistband, fingers stroking my shaft feverishly, frantic for a reaction. My cock, the Judas bastard, responds despite my brain’s opposition. And that’s when I know what I have to do.




About Erin Noelle USA Today Bestselling Author

Erin Noelle is a Texas native, where she lives with her husband and two
young daughters. While earning her degree in History, she rediscovered her love for reading  that was first instilled by her grandmother when she was a young child. A lover of happily-ever-afters, both historical and current,Erin is an avid reader of all romance novels.

Most nights you can find her cuddled up in bed with her husband, her Kindle in hand and a sporting event of some sorts on television.

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CC’s ARC Review ~ Fear the Wicked by Lily White


Title: Fear the Wicked
Author: Lily White
Genre:  Psychological thriller/erotica
Type:  Book 2 of 2
POV:  First person- dual

Published: November 29, 2017




4 Stars!!


Jacob Hayle has abandoned his parish and it’s questionable as to whether he’s also left behind his faith. Looking for answers, he travels to his childhood home hoping to gain insight into his own shadows and also those belonging to his brother. 

“Vengeance was the steady pulse inside my heart, the black shadow over my eyes and the caustic veil that smothered me day in and day out until I promised myself to take it.”

Jericho “Elijah” Hayle is a man with a mission. Having left behind his past, his vision is about to become a reality. Using effective and inventive ways of manipulation, Elijah’s choices underscore the level and depravity of his vengeance.

“Wickedness is only relieved with pain. And pain is a balm to the sinner’s soul. It flays you open, settles inside, and shreds you until there is nothing left.”

What ensues is a steady crescendo that tests the balance of good versus evil between twin brothers. With both having experienced circumstances that would beget the question of faith, their paths deviated taking very different directions. The notion of piety in religion is also a crucial element in the plot separating those that blindly follow and others who maintain their faith despite setbacks.

“But just like the rest of the fucks that call themselves holy, the only thing you know to do is lie.”

Told in multiple POV, Elijah’s arc offers dimension to a character that is plagued by injustice but his version of righteousness is quite askew. For Jacob, he further develops and makes conclusions about what defines him and beliefs. When the brothers unite, it is such a telling and intense moment that I just wanted to absorb it all and for as long as possible. 

Throughout both books in this duet, my feelings toward each brother shifted many times as I was trying to decipher hidden meanings and the motivation for their actions. In regard to Eve, her character felt the least dimensional but her healing process was realistic. Ultimately, the mysterious and ominous tone adds to the somber plot as the author pulls the reader into a world where good is shadowy and evil is downright tenebrous.

Fear the Wicked is a dark psychological thriller that examines faith and sacrifice taking the facade of wicked and righteous. I recommend!! 

Illusion Duet:
Illusions of Evil (Illusions Duet, #1) by Lily White Fear the Wicked (Illusions Duet, #2) by Lily White

*An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.*



ARC/CC’s Review ~ Millions (Dollar #5) by Pepper Winters


Title: Millions
Author: Pepper Winters
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Type:  Book 5 of 5
POV:  First person – dual

Published: November 28, 2017




4 Stars!


Continuing without interruption in the timeline, Elder Prest and Tasmin “Pimlico” Blythe are thrust into an unexpected circumstance with conflict and tension requiring swift action. Elder doesn’t hesitate in his search and knows there will be a much more dangerous battle ahead. As Elder tries to keep his demons in check, Pim is also tested in a way where she needs to reconcile buried emotions from her captivity.


“I didn’t need Elder to complete me. I didn’t need time to cure me. I only needed to trust myself and I’d finally remembered how to do that.”

Once Elder and Pim are reunited, their circumstances remain ominous as Elder must confront the Chinmoku to end their longstanding vendetta. Fueled by honor, Elder prepares to fight and is willing to offer his own blood to keep Pim safe. What ensues is filled with action and sacrifice.


“I’d done what I feared I never would. I became him just as he’d promised. I smiled as everything went black.”

Told in dual POV, Pimlico’s emotional healing continues as the final pieces are reconciled. Showing incredible fortitude, Pim’s resilience is a beacon for Elder as he releases the bindings of his past. Communicating and learning together, these characters have evolved into a unique relationship where they each have scars but are no longer afraid of the pain.


“You’re stuck with me. For however long my stupid heart keeps me alive.”

In this final book of the series, all ongoing plot points are resolved leaving Elder and Pim to focus on their future. From the very beginning where Elder offered Pim a penny for her thoughts to the priceless gift of freedom, these two characters find peace and hope in each other. While their struggles had many lows, they didn’t compromise their core and I liked how there weren’t sudden shifts in what makes Elder or Pim tick. Though there are elements weaved into this plot that include certain secondary characters, I’m not sold on whether their roles necessarily enhance the storyline specific to Elder and Pim; however, I may be in the minority on that point.

In Millions, Pepper Winters ends an epic journey with Pim finding her voice and Elder accepting peace. With courage and redemption as a recurring theme, this series offers a range of emotion, action and romance that will endear readers to the main characters.

Dollar series:
Pennies (Dollar, #1) by Pepper Winters Dollars (Dollar, #2) by Pepper Winters Hundreds (Dollar, #3) by Pepper Winters Thousands (Dollar, #4) by Pepper Winters Millions (Dollar, #5) by Pepper Winters

*An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.*

*This was an ARC (f)BR with the Shhluts!

ARC/CC’s Review ~ ETERN1TY (EXP1RE Duet #2) by Erin Noelle

Author: Erin Noelle
Genre:  Romance/fantasy
Type:  Book 2 of 2
POV:  First person- dual

Published: November 30, 2017



4 STARS!! 

With the opening of Eternity, the timeline continues without interruption as Lyra Jennings and Tavian West return to their respective homes after their European journey. With each needing to reconcile their past, just in different ways, they are both ready to move forward in their relationship. For Lyra, she has a renewed outlook and Tavian makes the most of every moment. For both, numbers define their lives.

“All I know is she’s it – my One.”

Knowing time is limited, Lyra and Tavian are committed to the journey and start to live as they choose together. Each day brings them closer and to places where Lyra never dreamed about before meeting Tavian. As the numbers blur, the hope for a different meaning remains.

“Those aren’t … That can’t be…. No one else’s did that.”

Told in dual POV, the character development for Lyra and Tavian is rich as they grow as a couple and certain realizations come to light. Despite Lyra’s fears, she progresses tremendously and in a realistic way where Tavian may be the impetus but Lyra is ultimately making her own choices. As for Tavian, he is a character of honor and completely irresistible. The chemistry between these characters is palpable and they really balance each other. 

In starting this book, I wasn’t sure what direction the plot was going to take but the mystery of the numbers retains its allure until the end. The overall concept remains an intriguing one and it underscores the question of how. Heavy on romance but also with looming tension of the unknown and some conflict, this storyline is engaging and intriguing. 

Etern1ty offers a unique storyline with memorable characters that focuses on living life to the fullest despite experiencing setbacks. I recommend!

EXP1RE Duet:
EXP1RE (EXPIRE Duet, #1) by Erin Noelle ETERN1TY (EXPIRE Duet, #2) by Erin Noelle

*An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review.*





CC’s Review ~ Touch Me by Adele Knight



Title: Touch Me
Author: Adele Knight
Genre:  Erotic Romance
Type:  Book 2 of a series
POV:  First person

Published: October 11, 2017




4 Stars! 


Three years ago Avril Miller put her dreams on hold for love and now she is ready to get back on track despite her mistake. However, there has always been one man that never failed to appear in her fantasies and who held a deeper part of her mind than she would like to admit. Knowing she has limited time to act on her desire, Avril makes a bet where losing is still winning.

“We had been playing this game for three years now, drawing the other in with heated glances and accidental touches. We pushed each other to the edge but refused to take the first to jump.”

Luke Reynolds is full of sex appeal and charisma but there’s been one girl who got away from him despite being in close proximity at times. Now that Avril is available, Luke is ready to win their wager and double down on his investment. 

“Luke ripped his lips from mine and pressed our foreheads together. “You owe me a fuck.”

With chemistry that is off the charts hot, Avril and Luke succumb to their cravings making the first time together combustible. Luke is one dirty talker and Avril is ready for all he offers. By fulfilling her fantasies, Luke is definitely a power player and doesn’t discriminate when it comes to carnal pleasure. 

“Greedy girl,” he purred. Firm hands slid across my skin, parting the gown and exposing my swollen mound. “Is this what you want?” His thumbs dragged up my slit, coating the tips with my juices and spreading my lips apart.”

Told from Avril’s POV, she is resolute in learning from past mistakes despite some remaining mystery about her pivotal decision years ago. Knowing the time Avril and Luke waited to act on their feelings, it certainly compounds the steam factor. While Luke isn’t shy about verbalizing what he wants, Avril isn’t a delicate flower and I like how she was a good balance for Luke. Additionally, there are some sweet moments that ground and offer dimension to Luke’s character.

Touch Me is a novella that offers sexy and dirty hot times but also captures the sweetness and vulnerability of its characters. I recommend to those looking for a quick but memorable read. 

Touch Me series:
Tease Me (Touch Me, #0.5) by Adele Knight Touch Me (Touch Me, #1) by Adele Knight