CC’s Review ~ Guns n’ Boys: Homicidal Instinct (Guns n’ Boys #3) by K.A. Merikan


Title: Guns n’ Boys: Homicidal Instinct (Guns n’ Boys #3)

Author: K.A. Merikan

Genre:  Dark MM Romance

Rating: 4.5 Stars! 





Continuing without interruption in the timeline, Domenico Acerbi and Seth Villani are on the run from their mafia family. Complicating their situation is the fact that Dom is injured and has amnesia.  Since he’s always been the trainer and protector, Seth must now assume that role. As they navigate from New York to their previously planned destination, missteps are made putting them closer to harm. Learning who to trust becomes tricky and relying upon blind instinct is all Domenico knows at this point.

“I can see what the old me saw in you. Even if you can be a lying, chaotic prick.”

Domenico’s memory loss certainly provides for an interesting dynamic on multiple levels because it not only forces Seth to take the reins but their personal relationship is tested. With Dom being such a predatory and dominant man, it’s only natural for him to exercise what he innately knows despite not having any memory. For Seth, it’s also reactionary but feeling the loss of their past begins to cause Seth’s insecurities levels to rise, as all he wants is for Dom to know what they uniquely share.

“You missed this, huh?” “I like your force,” Seth admitted and swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing with each big breath.”

When Dom first awakened from his injuries, I was shocked to read about his amnesia but appreciated how Dom battled with nature versus nurture, and interestingly, it was a relief to know Dom was still very much himself though he may have revealed some sweet secrets to Seth that he may want to retract. Lol. While wholeheartedly loving Dom’s character, Seth is still in the process of finding a balance in the relationship dynamics but Dom is more than willing to comfort Seth.

“Domenico pulled Seth’s face down so their foreheads met. “And I need to sink into your beautiful warm hole. I will fuck you. First soft, then hard, and then I’ll come inside you.”

With Dom and Seth, there always seems to be a sense of foreboding whether they are enjoying a tender moment, quarreling over jealousies or dodging gun fire. Due to breached loyalties and a family insurrection, danger presents itself at all times in this tense and action packed installment paralleled with layers of character dimension and some unexpected twists. While it appears Dom and Seth may have earned their freedom, certain factions remain and it’s doubtful they will relinquish their pursuit.
What I’ve come to enjoy with K.A. Merikan is just how effectively they can lure you into the lives of their characters, as the dark humor, realistic dialogue, action and scorching hot kinky times are addictive. For those who enjoy MM, I highly recommend this series! And, it is too much to ask for one bi moment? Just a quickie? [inserts self] Haha!

Guns n’ Boys series:
Guns n' Boys He Is Poison (Guns n' Boys, #1) by K.A. Merikan Guns n' Boys He Is Mine (Guns n' Boys, #2) by K.A. Merikan Guns n' Boys Homicidal Instinct (Guns n' Boys, #3) by K.A. Merikan Guns n' Boys Swamp Blood (Guns n' Boys, #4) by K.A. Merikan Guns n' Boys Chokehold (Guns n' Boys, #5) by K.A. Merikan Guns n' Boys Bloodbath (Guns n' Boys, #6) by K.A. Merikan Guns n' Boys Box Set - Books 1-3 + Guns n' Boys Paris + FREE "Blood&Marriage (gay romance) by K.A. Merikan





CC’s Review ~ Father by Clarissa Wild

Title:  Father

Author: Clarissa Wild

Genre: Dark Romance

Rating: 3.5 Stars!






Frank Romero is a preacher with a checkered past. Upon being given a second chance, he found solace and direction at church until his family was taken from him. Torn apart from the loss, Frank drinks away his problems and loses focus on all he holds dear. That is, until he sees one parishioner who tempts Frank with feelings he hasn’t felt in over six years.


“I’m stuck in my own torment. The only solace I’ve found lately is in the alcohol. And that girl who I saw.”

Laura is a compassionate and single woman raising her two younger brothers. Upon attending church, she is attracted to the preacher and she makes her intentions known from the start. While Laura seems like an angel on the outside, her past isn’t free from sin.


“Well, you can never be safe enough. Especially when you intend to fuck a guy like me because I fuck often and I like pussy a lot.”

The connection between Frank and Laura is sexually charged from the outset. With Frank’s propensity for kinkery and invisible boundaries on any level, he definitely enters the taboo arena with some memorably steamy moments. To his initial surprise, Laura matches his desire and that further fuels his need to possess her in every way.


“Hope you’ve said your prayers because after I fuck your brains out, you won’t be able to come to church and thank God for your perfect fuck for an entire week.”

For Frank, life hasn’t always been easy but he’s learned to roll with fate and accept the consequences of his behavior; however, he is surprised to discover just how significant a role Laura plays in his present. As the plot unfolds forcing Frank to confront his past, he must make a decision about exacting revenge or protecting those close to him. Simultaneously, Laura tries to process how their lives commingle and how they can move forward.


“The choice between good and evil is currently dividing me into pieces. I don’t want to lose her …”

Told solely from Frank’s POV, the plot and tone moves at a certain pace that allows for different emotions in sync with Frank’s life. In the beginning, it felt that Frank was a lost cause but with a few comeuppance moments, he seemed to evolve in his own unique way. I especially liked how Frank was unabashedly honest and wasn’t a hypocrite about his past.

With some plot shifts steeped in action and revenge, most questions were resolved but there were two big issues that were conveniently not addressed for my liking. While some of the action and plot felt a bit predictable, I was hoping for a certain additional conflict to occur between Frank and Laura.
There were times when the story felt like it was just grazing the surface but it still left me rooting for Frank and what he desperately seeks. In regard to the taboo element, it felt a bit diluted for me due to the nature of Frank’s position but the author did push some boundaries that definitely appealed to the kinkster in me.
Father is a story that offers a second chance at love and would appeal to those that seek some action in their romance, appreciate unconventional characters and have a dark sense of humor.




CC’s Review ~ Pet by Isabella Starling

Title:  Pet (A Dark Menage Romance)

Author: Isabella Starling

Genre: Dark Menage Romance

Rating: 4.5 Stars!




Sapphire Faye is newly eighteen and struggling to keep her life in check. Upon agreeing to take her roommate’s catering shift, she meets the older and domineering Hayden King, who cancels all the background noise in her mind. A bit reckless in her behavior, Sapphire craves what he can provide. While King’s intentions were simple, his actions were quite the opposite. With his demanding nature, King trains Sapphire to be his Pet and she responds in every way.


“You’re gonna make yourself come,” he told me. “And then I’ll decide if you deserve my cock.”

The dynamic that ensues between King and Pet is tumultuous, compassionate, erotic and perplexing. Though King and Pet aren’t naïve about their age differences, it actually becomes a non-issue as their circumstances are at the forefront. Extremely protective of Pet, King will do anything in his power to maintain her happiness and safety. While King might seem overbearing, he has his reasons for his methods.


“You’re not going to break me, Pet,” he promised me. “I don’t fuck for hours, I fuck for nights. And you, I’m going to fuck for a lifetime.”

The dynamic between King and Pet is sexually potent with minimal boundaries, as their predilections are erotic and scorching hot. With King, he is intense in his expectations and Pet is the perfect submissive, especially when she is bratty. It might be best to follow King’s rule about no panties when reading this one!


“You…” He kneeled down next to me, one hand pulling my head back so far I gagged, and the other spooning his cum into my mouth. “You’re fucking unbelievable…”

All seems to be going accordingly until Stranger enters their lives. Opposite of King, Stranger is younger and doesn’t necessarily to conform to society’s norms and he has his own dominant personality. At first, Stranger’s role in the bedroom isn’t clear but King knows what Pet needs.


“I was up behind her, and I couldn’t keep away any longer. Not with his dirty hands all over my girl and her cheeks splitting open every time she slammed down on his cock. I needed to be inside her. I needed to show Pet who she belonged to.”

In the beginning of this story, my feelings toward Pet were not positive yet as the footings of the plot began to solidify, more about her is unraveled and I began to empathize and like her. With King, he immediately intrigued me and that quest only intensified, as I wanted to know more about him at every moment. Stranger was equally perplexing as he added angst to the plot. Though I surmised the direction, it didn’t detract from the emotional landscape or the overall satisfaction.

This is my first book by Isabella Starling and what I learned is that she isn’t afraid to take her characters on their own path, which allows for dimension and deep emotions. While there are plenty of erotically charged moments (fans self), be prepared to also feel an array of reactions as the narrative takes a few twists. I highly recommend Pet!




CC’s Review ~ Wicked Things (Chaos & Ruin #3) by Callie Hart

Title:  Wicked Things (Chaos & Ruin #3)

Author: Callie Hart

Genre: Dark Romance

Rating: 4 Stars!





Without interruption in the Chaos & Ruin series timeline, Zeth Mayfair is ready to protect what is his against the Barbieri family and others who seek power, but the dynamic of how to stake his claim has changed due to a recent development. Coming to terms with this new phase in his life only intensifies Zeth’s actions which makes his anger and need for retribution palpable. Zeth has always been forceful character, but he even manages to exceed his own boundaries of self-control.

“I’ve courted the darker side of my own soul for years now, gone toe to toe with it, played a dangerous game of control with it as and when I’ve need to, giving it more of myself than I should in times of anger. I have never, never, not once succumbed to it entirely. Until now.”

In addition to Zeth and Sloane’s storyline line, Mason Reeves faces the hardest time in his life due to the death of his sister. With feelings of guilt, extreme sorrow and hopelessness, Mason is shattered and tries to take his punishment by drinking and fighting.

“My feelings make no sense whatsoever. None. And yet, I feel fucking robbed. I didn’t get to say goodbye to my sister.”

In this book, the plot pace moves and pivots quickly with characters reappearing from previous series all vying for what they believe is rightfully theirs to claim. With these twists, Zeth can’t act alone and the ever-charming Michael is also prepared for a blood bath to ensue. As certain volatile and unlikely alliances are forged, Zeth is unstoppable in his quest to avenge one particular character who was severely overdue for a beat down.

“So here I am. The man you’ve been chasing down all this time, live and in motherfucking Technicolor. Now you’re gonna deal with the consequences.”

Admittedly, there were times when the motives of these reappearing characters felt a tad awkward, especially given the extreme and grotesque actions of one malignant character. While it pushed Zeth to a certain place, there was never any doubt as to his darkness yet seeing him explode was satisfying but also deeply heartbreaking.


In addition to the weighty atmosphere of loss and anger, the contrasting and ever present emotion was redemption. While I’m still a bit uneasy with the new plot point between Zeth and Sloane, it does highlight Zeth’s strengths and capacity to love which led to some hot times “Mayfair style” and truly tender moments.

Told from multiple POVs and with some past/present timeline shifts, Wicked Things offers adrenaline spiked action with a twisty plot and amplified character intensity. Of course, more of Zeth always a good thing!!

Chaos & Ruin series:
Violent Things (Chaos & Ruin, #1) by Callie Hart Savage Things (Chaos & Ruin #2) by Callie Hart Wicked Things (Chaos & Ruin Book 3) by Callie Hart


CC’s Review ~ Dirty Daddies by Jade West


Title: Dirty Daddies
Author: Jade West
Genre: Erotica, Menage
Rating: 4 Stars!



Carrie Wells is a troubled and reckless teenager that has reached the end of her line with foster homes due to her behavior and the fact she is turning 18. With her stubbornness, Carrie is used to pushing people away in an attempt to protect herself from what she truly seeks. But now that she no longer has options, Carrie is determined to find a way to make a life even though she’s practically turned away everyone who cares.

“Maybe he would have really helped me, if I’d have told him the truth. If I’d have told him who really hurts me. But it’s too late for all that now.”

Michael Warren is a compassionate man in his forties who is a dedicated social worker and takes all his cases seriously. Having been assigned the file of Carrie Wells for the past five months, has proven to be a challenging task but he is invested her well-being as much as his position and morality will allow.

“Carrie gives him nothing because she’s a snotty bitch who’s punishing him for sticking to his morals. I see it even if he can’t.”

Jack has been Michael’s best friend since they were kids and his straight forward approach to life is a balanced compliment to their friendship. Seeing Michael struggle with his job and with Carrie, he offers some much needed interference that helps bring everyone to an agreeable place.

“Difficult. Little. Bitch. It’s about time this little cow learned some manners. And I’m about to fucking teach her.”

What ensues between Carrie, Michael and Jack is challenging, endearing and quite hot. With each character having their own struggles, this adds dimension to each character and to how the plot progresses. For Carrie, she has her truths to acknowledge but really doesn’t feel safe enough to do so until Mike and Jack provide the opportunity she’s never had. With Michael, he’s been unlucky in love but is a stand-up guy that truly believes in helping those who need extra from society. His empathy and need to act as a protector is admirable and adds to his sex appeal. Then there’s jack, who is dominant and not afraid to seek what he wants despite what society’s norms may be.

“I want to watch him fuck her. I want to watch him fill her up right after me. I want to be the one in her mouth as her pretty little cunt struggles to take him.”

As Michael and Jack can no longer deny their mutual attraction to Carrie, she is equally interested in both men in every way. Interestingly, Mike and Jack are not gay or bisexual but the union they feel with Carrie makes them view how they can share her in uniquely hot ways. As Mike feels conflicted about certain aspects of this threesome, Jack is his wing-man and assures him that what their bodies do is all for pleasure and to surrender to noble ideals. Mike’s pauses felt realistic and added to the chemistry between these characters because when it was on, it was combustible!

With Jade West’s books, the plots are usually heavily character driven with filthy hot sex and Dirty Daddies is another golden example of the author’s narrative ability to craft a compelling story with characters that illicit different emotions from the reader. Told in multiple POVs, strengthens what each character brings and adds a tremendous amount of empathy as well.

For me, I especially loved the dynamic between Michael and Jack because without having such a tender and respectful foundation, they couldn’t have had a polyamorous relationship with Carrie. As for the “Daddy kink” aspect, while it is an element of the plot, it has a lighter role than other traditionally themed Daddy kink books, but make no mistake, Daddy Michael and Daddy Jack are hot as hell!

For those who are looking for some dirty, kinky fun with characters that will warm your heart (in addition to your lady bits), I highly recommend Dirty Daddies!




ARC/CC’s Review ~ One is a Promise (Tangled Lies #1) by Pam Godwin


Title: One is a Promise (Tangled Lies #1)
Author: Pam Godwin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4.25 Stars!



Danni Angelo is a free spirited dancer who found the love of her life in Cole Hartman until everything changed. Three years later and still feeling lonely, Danni finally tries to date and put the past behind her. By attempting to move forward, Danni meets a man that simultaneously ignites her libido and infuriates her sensibility.

“This is dialogue without words. Absorption without expression. Foreplay without so much as a twitch of a finger. I feel him in places that haven’t been touched by a man in years.”

Trace Savoy is a wealthy businessman whose mere presence exerts influence and dominance. Upon watching Danni dance, he becomes infatuated and insists that she work for him. While Trace is clear about his professional intent, he is reticent about pursuing Danni on a personal level as she appears to be emotionally taken.

“You, my tiny dancer, are an erotic dream dipped in the sweetest honey. A man only needs to look at you to become fiercely protective of your smile.”

What ensues between Trace and Danni is turbulent with a sexually charged push and pull creating combustible tension. With Danni’s outgoing nature and non-existent filter, she is daring and tells Trace exactly what she would like to happen. While Trace is obviously attracted to Danni on many levels, he is looking for certain obstacles to be overcome.

“I need to know if you are mine or his.”

With such different personalities at play, it isn’t easy for Danni and Trace but when they succumb to their feelings, it further pushes them in a certain direction. For Danni, it signifies her commitment to “empty her cup” and for Trace it confirms what he has felt from the beginning. However, neither anticipated they would be facing a certain situation.

“Love isn’t a choice, you know… You can’t control it. It just … happens, and you better hold on for dear life, because you never know when you’ll lose it.”

Told from Danni’s POV, getting into her head is fairly easy but not always understanding her decisions is part of her quirky charm. Feeling her pain for Cole adds depth to what they shared while together. Of course, Cole being a girl’s wet dream adds to his appeal. With Trace, he is sexy in his own right, and while he has his own vulnerabilities, the reasons for his behavior becomes apparent. Knowing this series is a love triangle, trying to switch alliances while Trace earns his place in Danni’s life adds some angst to the plot, especially intuiting what is to come.

As always, Pam Godwin’s writing is spot on and her ability to create realistic characters is present in this book. I certainly look forward to reading the second book in this series and for the roller coaster of angst and emotions that are bound to come.

Tangled Lies Series:
One is a Promise (Tangled Lies, #1) by Pam Godwin Two is a Lie (Tangled Lies, #2) by Pam Godwin Three is a War (Tangled Lies, #3) by Pam Godwin

*An ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*




CC’s Review ~ Hundreds (Dollar #3) by Pepper Winters


Title: Hundreds (Dollar #3)
Author: Pepper Winters
Genre: Dark Romance
Rating: 4.5 Stars!



Continuing in an uninterrupted timeline in Hundreds, the relationship between Elder Prest and Pimlico remains uniquely complicated in unexpected ways. For Pim, she is persistent in her determination to heal and finds strength in Elder’s ability to offer sanctuary by staying true to his word. With each small step of freedom and increased resilience, Pim isn’t afraid to acknowledge her feelings for Elder even while he is fighting his own self-imposed limitations.

“Thank you for waking me up and smashing me open. Because by doing so, you broke every piece I had left and revealed something so much stronger within.”

From the beginning, Elder felt compelled to Pim and his obsession has only compounded due to their circumstances and his own condition. Wanting to know every single detail about Pim in exchange for her freedom, Elder tries to restrain his heated desire but he cannot stay away.

“Once I had you – fully had you where you wanted me as much as I wanted you – I’d never be able to stop. I’d fuck you every hour of every day. I’d forget to eat, sleep, breathe.”

In Elder’s efforts to find out who Pim really is, he doesn’t anticipate how much is actually going to be revealed as they come face to face with his demons. Learning more about Elder’s past and how he copes, solidifies the reason for his intensity and his choice to lead a solitary life on the Phantom.

“You’re everything and more. You’re more than I can bear. You have the power to hurt me worse than I can stand. Don’t you see that?”

What transpires in Hundreds is intense, sexually charged and adds tremendous depth to Elder and Pim, as Elder shows an incredibly dominant side with vulnerability and compassion. To give Pim what she craved was extremely hot and to experience that side of Elder led to a haze of lustful bliss. Additionally, Pim continued to prove her strength knowing she is just beginning to heal and that she may need to find her own answers.

For me, this is my favorite book of the series to date with lyrical prose and character dimension that drives the plot. With such a turning point midway in the series, I look forward to reading how Elder and Pim will overcome and continue to progress.

Dollar Series:
Pennies (Dollar, #1) by Pepper Winters Dollars (Dollar, #2) by Pepper Winters Hundreds (Dollar, #3) by Pepper Winters Thousands (Dollar, #4) by Pepper Winters Millions (Dollar, #5) by Pepper Winters